Video game targets racist, trigger-happy cops

Are cops more trigger-happy when aiming guns at minorities? That's the question sociologists and political scientists have studied since the 1970s, and the answer may lie in a video game.

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xionpunk4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Ugh, more hate on the police.

EDIT: not to say that there are no racist cops, but I wonder how fair this "video game" was to the police.

JadeTyrant4485d ago

black cops are more aggressive towards white people, so this will never end

allforcalisto4485d ago

Dude ask yourself why you made that comment? What is it that you were trying to get at? The lazy "well they're racist too" assertion is tired, and also not really pertinent. Did you even read the report?
Most people in america are white.Most cops are white. To try to find correlations when you can't even draw figures which are proportional is stupid.
Of course there are racists of every hue(and all racism should be focused on), but when the majority of the country is of one skin complexion, and said country has had quite a tragic history regarding race relations, and a sad legacy of deprivation amongst members of its community, then studies like this make sense. I'm tired of seeing racism spoken about like it doesn't exist, then to see it all over youtube vids, in resi 5 forums etc.

yesah4485d ago

i think what hes getting at is you have to look at the whole picture, but ya i think there is more de facto racism twords african americans

Highwayman4485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

DO these "researchers" and "experts" and "activists" have anything better to do with their time? Really now. The police catch so much flak already because it's "fad" to hate the cops. I get tired of this. If these people were in danger and they needed the police you guessed it, they all of a sudden love them.

It seems immaturity runs more rampant than I once thought. Living around police officers I can tell you none of them are racist. There are some, there will always be men and women who should not become a cop. These few bad apples seem to give the rest of them a bad name. Much like with Gamers some kid goes out and shots some people, turns out he plays some shooters and now the gaming community as a whole is to blame as well as the industry.

The police leave their families each day and night to go out there and risk their life knowing they may not come home to protect those of whom they do not know. To help keep us safe. People should really look up some History about why we needed them here in the States in the first place, then maybe a few will see why they are useful and serve a purpose. Same thing with people who have a problem with our Troops. They don't seem to realize the reason we get to have our freedom of speech and to be able to sleep at night is because of brave men and women who make sacrifices to keep us free and safe, yet so many people overlook that important fact! Without these men and women we would not have our freedoms or the ability to sleep so peacefully, not to mention the quality of life that many of us enjoy here in America.

@ Xionpunk.
Yes, I wonder how "fair" this "game" was for the Police. Cops are under enough stress already from family life and problems to problems at work to probelems on the streets. The things they see day in and day out. To me it's just not very fair to throw them in the spotlight! For what? To "prove" some point. Give me a break, I would like to know one person who would say they would not call the Police if they were in trouble, of course those who are not criminals.

solidt124485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

Not only are the police more aggressive toward black people but they profile us all the time. Just yesterday I was in a new development looking for a lot to build a house on and the police followed me and stopped me asking "what are I doing out here, are you looking for somebody"? I told him no I'm looking for a lot to build on he replied " oh I was just asking because I never seen you out here before" I told him in other words you are racial profiling. he looked shocked that I said that then drove off.

olLANDSHARKlo4484d ago

Have you watched the news lately, most crime is by you(as you replied to this). So no he wasn't doing anything wrong, I applaud him.

Rocko4484d ago (Edited 4484d ago )

Hes just curious as to what some stranger is doing in his neighborhood. DUH.

InMyOpinion4485d ago

The police officers themselves aren't the problem. The problem lies in how they are educated. More social skills/psychology, less army attitude. They need to start approaching citizens as humans, not as potential criminals. We pay tax money to have them protect us, not to have them abuse their power and beat or kill us. Especially not because of the color of our skin.

Crazyglues4484d ago

If only this was a perfect world, but since it's not I guess we will just act like we don't see the real problems.

I have always felt that black, white, green or whatever the color you want to insert, the problem lies in the training. Cops treat people like dirt.
How in the world do we live in a world where we pay taxes for police to protect and serve, but they end up treating everyone they come into contact with like criminals. Except when the person is their same skin color.

Police with no watchdog's are the real problem, no one is watching the police because you believe the police are always doing their jobs. Until of course you hear about a cop forced a women to strip naked.

That's not suppose to happen but no one is watching the police. That's where the biggest problems in America lies.

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