Channel 4 exec heads to Microsoft Soho

Jen Topping named business manager at Kinect Sesame Street studio
Channel 4 Online business manager Jen Topping has joined Microsoft Soho Productions.

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majiebeast1934d ago

"Taking up the role of business manager for EMEA TV, Topping will work on building new TV content experiences for Xbox hardware."

So much for real games from that studio.

Vames1934d ago

Were you expecting games from a studio name EMEA TV? You're a smart one.

Anyway, everyone must accept that the Xbox One is not only a games machine, so some new studios will not work on games, but TV content.

adorie1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Good thing we have a couple of game machines to choose from this fall/winter. (PS4, Wii U)

KillrateOmega1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )


"...Topping will work on building new TV content experiences for Xbox hardware."

That is the stu-...I can't...

1934d ago
theWB271934d ago

Lets see how many Xbox naysayers jump in and talk about their focus being elsewhere other than games and the sinking ship that is Microsoft and this and that.

Despite the abundance of games shown, and yet to be shown from them. Despite the fact that we've known for years that Micro is pushing for a all in one device. Despite the fact that everyone isn't Sony and we don't need two companies doing the exact same thing.

Despite the fact that it's stupid to want two companies that are exactly the same, especially when one already does what you want it to.

Morgue1934d ago

" Despite " all that you said there are people who are genuinely irked at what MS tried pulling with the X1 wether they were Sony or MS console owners because it may have affected the way we game in general. I for one am through with MS and got rid of my 360 and all games because of it.

I don't want anything to do with that company and the direction they want to go. If people are happy with what MS is doing and plan on buying the console that's great, it's their money not mine.

theWB271934d ago

You get that mad and sell your 360 and all the games with it..I mean IDK what that does exactly. You don't want anything to do with the You don't like their direction. Cool.

I do. There are things that they've implemented, feature wise, into the machine that I will take full advantage of. Just like this gen, I plan to have both an Xbox and Playstation.

hazelamy1934d ago

but it's not even an "all in one device" though is it?

you still need a separate cable or satellite box to get many of the features they're touting the x1 for.

theWB271933d ago

An all in one printer still needs the phone line to receive and send faxes. What's your point?