Over 150 Items Data Mined From GuildWars 2

Someone was kind enough to send over 150 new items data mined from the Guild Wars 2 client. Some of which are believed to be tied to the Zenith Weapons and Account Achievements mentioned in the latest developer post.

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kefkah2114d ago

People still play this game?

Wormwood2114d ago

Do i agree because i do still play occasionally or disagree with the negative sentiment? :P

Kos-Mos2114d ago

Haha.I played for 10 lvl`s, and I suddenly in a moment of wisdom that this was just another warcraft like the rest of the copycats out there.
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THE"I fyou played it only for ten levels, you don`t understand anything." COMMENTS!
I`m not blind fools. I know what I see after ten levels. Fun? A little. Waste of precious intellectual time? Yes, much.

Grayn2114d ago

It looks like basketball will be a new mini-game.

Wormwood2114d ago

I have to say, the idea of Account Achievements is pretty damn nice (and a wee bit overdue!)

Anthotis2114d ago

It has some nice features like the dynamic events system, which replaces the typical fetch quests found in MMOs, but aside from that it simply doesn't hold interest for long. None of these boring sword & sorcery MMOs have anything to offer.

teemo2114d ago

dynamic events +1, is kind of cool but repetitive :O

grind feast -1, i so tired to grind an item, umm a skin...

legendary -1, a skin?

overall is a good mmorpg at start, stranger helping each other without asking for help lol