Iwata on Wii U third-party support, “more key titles to be announced by them”

Third-party support for Wii U was one topic discussed by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata during the company’s latest investor briefing Q&A.

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Kevlar0091984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Destiny? I can dream can't I?

“most of them (3rd party) were converted from other platforms and therefore could not enjoy brisk sales. As a result, some software developers have become pessimistic about Wii U.” This is very true, few have really tried to make the WiiU a "must have" (Ubisoft is the first to come to mind who has)

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Ksar1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Oh my god, Final Fantasy XV, Metal Gear Solid V, The Division and Titanfall !

PopRocks3591983d ago

Titanfall is a possibility once the exclusivity deal is gone. That one is also coming to 360 isn't it? Destiny is probably possible as well. Other than that, who knows?

LOL_WUT1983d ago

Yeah not happening I don't think the console could handle it in my opinion ;)

quantae061984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Titanfall is a Xbox exclusive. It could be a timed exclusive but that game isn't going anywhere for a long while. Personally the only game out the bunch that I want that you typed is The Division. But that's just me, and I can understand how you want the other games. They should definitely bring over Kingdom Hearts 3 on Wii U.

SaffronCurse1984d ago

It's not an Xbox Exclusive since it will be available on PC.

guitarded771984d ago

It's on PC too... so it's a console exclusive. It will be on PS4 6 months to a year after initial launch.

quantae061984d ago

@SaffronCurse Really!? I didn't know that lol. I may build a gaming PC in the future too. Well, as far as consoles it's just on Xbox for now.

Triforce0791984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I think Ghosts,Destiny,Division,MGS,Pr oEvo,thats it....

Dgander1984d ago

From that list the ones im 100% sure is coming is Destiny and COD Ghost. Activation already confirmed Ghost and from the Destiny trailer they teased a text message with the quote "my body is ready" which Ninty fans are very familiar with. Im not sure if it will launch around the same time with PS4 and Xbox One but im sure it will someday.

PrimeGrime1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Not saying you can't be right but everyone uses "My Body is Ready" now. Even people who don't even own Nintendo systems say that now.

To me it just isn't much of a confirmation of anything.

Dgander1984d ago

@PrimeGrime Let me guess your reason is because Wii U is underpowered and kiddy console right? lol

CaptainYesterday1984d ago

No More Heroes 3 will eventually come to the Wii U which is amazing :)

kagamer791984d ago

I know nintendo has always relied on their own games to move units. It seems tho as if their heavy hitters don't have the same selling power they use to. Id be willing to bet 80 percent or more of nintys fan base are ppl my age from early 20s to mid to late 30s. It seems as if each generation of kids grows less interested in nintendo and mario, and have turned to playstation and xbox. Im not saying mario is a bad game, but i mean whats really different about 3d mario besides his cat suit? They need to let mario rest a while because i love nintendo, but marios getting played out. Wheres metroid or starfox? A new f-zero would be welcomed. Alot of ppl thought sony's new console would be 500 plus and wii u would have price advantage, but thats not the case. I watch the arguments on if you add psplus its a 500 dollar console. You can't fairly say that because ps plus is optional not a mandatory buy. I pay for xbox live to watch movies, not online multiplayer. On sony consoles streaming is free and i dnt need a membership to do that or play the games i want alone. Im not saying i think sonys the best, or nintendo or xbox1. I go for whats the best value for me and my tastes of games. I seen microsoft do a 180 on policies and restrictions and they got nailed for it. Im not saying they shouldn't have been criticized and called out for it, but i am saying if xbox one offered alota great exclusive games id buy one. Same with wii u. You can't condemn ppl for their personal tastes and preferences. If someone finds great value in the wii u then great because i won't judge em, but i cant say i agree. IMHO you get alot of extra features for that 50 bucks thats well worth it. You get 468 more gigs of hdd and a blu ray player. In my mind as a consumer that more than justifies the extra 50. Try to go buy a quality blu ray player for 50 brand new and 468 more gigs and i bet you can't. Not to mention the hardware is very capable. I hope nintendo does well this gen and im sure zelda u will not disappoint. Nintendo needs 3rd party wether ppl realise it or not. Every well rounded system does because they bring variety and fill in the gaps between first party exclusives. I don't hate nintendo, but i dont see the great value in wii u at 350 plus tax im sorry. So why get mad at 3rd parties who dnt wana invest millions in wii u, when alota consumers dont even wana invest 350 dollars.

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thomasmiller1984d ago

WHEN, NOT IF, BUT WHEN THE X BOX ONE DIES... THE WII U WILL GET MORE 3rd party support, plain and simple... and for those of you who think other wise, well what ever helps you sleep at night fellers!!!

PrimeGrime1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Come on, look at the world around you and the people who take it up the arse 24/7 without a complaint in the world.

Even if the Xbox One kept every previous policy it had, people would still buy it and it would still be fairly successful. Maybe not as much as the 360 but people aren't that bright if you haven't noticed. It is almost if people enjoy being taken advantage of.

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