The Last of Us... if its characters were posh Brits

GamesRadar: "What would it sound like if everyone in The Last of Us spoke like posh British aristocrats? And what if--instead of fleeing a deadly virus--they were all just late for the opera? Well, wonder no more, because here's our video of 'The Last of Us: Posh British Version'."

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Wizziokid1931d ago

I love how Americans think this is how all British people speak. makes me laugh when they try to 'joke' about being British online

Mr_Nuts1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I know, the thing is the things people stereotype about Americans are kind of true but with British stereotypes like the posh voices, crumpets, bad teeth/funny teeth and tea thing it's not.

I remember watching a Family Guy episode once, Patriot Games, where Peter joins the New England Patriots only to be relocated to Britain and has to join a British Rugby team the London Silly Nannies...I mean what...the...f***

Have you seen our rugby players compared to American ones in Football (same sport, different name). The American Football players wear Football armour with helmets...we don't wear any protection like that. Even in Highschools you have to play without any protection, you would think they would being in education but nope

It's why so many players look like death half the time with their battered faces, broken noses, missing teeth. So really who are the real "silly nannies". This is just one example out of many but this one came first since I saw it again last night

As I said you can't make up a stereotype like that when it's not true and never has been

Besides you get into the rougher areas of Britain and it's a totally different story

NihonjinChick1931d ago

"I know, the thing is the things people stereotype about Americans are kind of true but with British stereotypes like the posh voices, crumpets, bad teeth/funny teeth and tea thing it's not. "

Why can't it go both ways? You sound like a hypocrite.
There are people who fits the stereotype in EVERY country.

Mr_Nuts1931d ago

I didn't say there wasn't, I just said those stereotypes don't make sense since they aren't true.

I never said we don't have stereotypes, just the ones people go on about the most don't even apply.

NihonjinChick1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Except that you're wrong. The reason people stereotype people in UK as tea drinkers is because people in the UK drink a lot of tea.

It is #13 on the list of places that consume the most tea per capita.

Zepherite1931d ago

Except being #13 isn't that impressive now is it, particularly as the UK drinks a full 9kg less than the leading country which drinks 11kg.

ghostrider321931d ago

It's Family Guy dude. No culture is safe.

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oh please, nobody loves to stereotype americans more than the UK and Australia. you know how many Australians and british are under the impression that america is like the old west? WE DO NOT ALL OWN GUNS HERE PEOPLE.

maniac761931d ago

Im usa livin in uk for 13 years and brits have decent teeth.thats back in the day they were jackt the f up lmao.not keen on crumpies all the time.but tea and coffee thing is true rofl. Devon is the best place in uk.north even

HarryMasonHerpderp1931d ago

This is really lame.
Not even funny at all.

Animal Mutha 761931d ago

This is funny in that I find stereotypes funny generally. Rednecks, Germans and French - all funny.

One of my pet hates as a Brit is the fact that almost every game or software I use either lists english with an American flag next to it (!!!) or assumes American english as only option for english. Worse is when a game is made by a UK team and all of the plot/voice and settings are American as that is where everything in the world happens.

Forza and the original dirt games has British voice work which is great but all too few. Every game should have a British English option.

Don't get me wrong I'm not anti USA. I love America - Its one of the most unique and varied places I've ever been and the people were very polite (more so than us Brits), I just get fed up with the fact that If you are under 30 in the UK then you will have been brought up on a diet of American media to such an extent that our young now don't sound British half the time and our language has become full of Americanisms. Our best TV, Movies, Games and Internet media are all US in origin or influenced/funded by..

Maybe we should just become a new state?

Now where did I leave my crumpets?

Godlovesgamers1931d ago

"The Last of Us... if its characters were posh Brits"

"Gamesradar...what if we actually had something worthwhile to write about"