DriveClub & Knack Hands On Impressions (MasonicGamer) Sony had a PlayStation event yesterday to which we were kindly invited, some of the games available on the show were DriveClub & Knack for the PlayStation 4. These two titles are set to launch alongside the PlayStation 4 so I figured it was worth checking out considering it’s likely what many of you will pick up later this year.

As for the event itself, Sony were once again great hosts and it’s always a pleasure to attend these shows whenever possible. Did I mention that Sony make some KILLER orange juice?, seriously this thing was extremely tasty and perfectly blended. Mad props to the person responsible for the orange juice!

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iGAM3R-VIII2027d ago

gotta love both of these games

Kevin ButIer2027d ago

and the Sony's orange juice too... lol

MikeMyers2027d ago

They don't look that great to me, Infamous looks awesome but that won't be out until next year.

dontbhatin2027d ago

Im really looking forward to driveclub!!!

1nsomniac2027d ago

yea cant wait for DriveClub & it comes with a free version on launch awesome!

Dont see the interest in Knack though but I'm hoping for a launch day demo so I can at least try it out.

JOLLY12027d ago

Hopefully the final builds will be more impressive than what these people saw.

dontbhatin2027d ago

Remember their opinion doesnt make your opinion on the game the same.

RedHawkX2027d ago

its does unless your an xbox fanboy then your opinion will be the opposite because you are a fanboy who is unreasonable and bias.

dontbhatin2027d ago

it sounds like you are typing that to me. idk this ativan and beer is really doing something.

Qrphe2027d ago

Knack is pretty much Pixar-level of graphics and DriveClub looks like this

You deserved to be bubbled down brotha

JOLLY12024d ago

I wasn't talking about visuals. I am just saying that the people that wrote up their impressions weren't all too favorable. I just the people that disagree'd want the game to not be good. That seems weird.....

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2027d ago

I really want some of that orange juice Ohh and the ps4