Deadpool (PS3) Review – Guns n’ Swords n’ Cuss Words… OH MY! | C.O.G.

COG gets their hands on the debut game for everyone’s favourite ‘Merc with a Mouth’. You might want to put on some big kid diapers, this game will make you piss yourself laughing.

"After years and years of playing nothing more than second fiddle to Wolverine and his band of X-men, or nearly every other character in the Marvel Universe for that matter, the Merc with the Mouth finally gets his chance to shine in his own game thanks to the team at High Moon Studios. In an absolutely remarkable piece of fan service they give us a game that might not be the most innovative or revolutionary you’ve ever played but is so chock full of crassness and inappropriate humour that you just won’t care. With pop culture as his ammunition Wade Wilson says fourth wall be damned and guides the player through his own game with often hilarious, always ridiculous candor. Buckle up bitches, Deadpool has arrived!"

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