The last thing we need: Naughty Dog’s cinema obsession

VG247: "Brenna is as enraptured by the story of The Last of Us as much as anyway, but she’d probably have enjoyed it just as much – if not more – if it were a movie."

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ShugaCane2027d ago

Spoilers. Don't read any further.

When YOU carry Sarah in the beginning, and when YOU carry Ellie near the end, those are moments that make you understand that TLOU wouldn't have been any better as a simple movie. It's a cinematic experience at its best. The emotionnal impact of that game relies on your own personnal investment into it. You're not just a specator. YOU are the main protagonist.

ifritAlkhemyst2026d ago

That's such nonsense. If not given the choice to carry them, then it is no different from watching a movie. It isn't YOU, because YOU have no say in what determines the characters actions.

Heisenburger2026d ago

Have you never played a video game?

Do you really need this explained?

Ultraplayerxp2026d ago

Then I guess I've been playing lots of movies then.

ifritAlkhemyst2026d ago


Let me ask you this. When Solid Snake barely pulled himself through that endless hallway filled with radiation, did you see that as yourself overcoming the obstacle, or was it Snake?

Just because it is you playing does not mean you are the character if you have no say in what the character does. There is a difference. Learn it.

claterz2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

You can say that about any game, though. Would CoD, AC, Uncharted all be better as movies just because you don't have a choice of where the story goes? Naughty use cinematic effects to enhance the overall game and story.

As for the article, it just seems like they're nit picking about things which don't need to be talked about. Why are people complaining about a linear game not giving you enough interactivity? It's not supposed to be an open world sandbox game. There has to be a fine line between giving the player a sense of interactivity but also telling the story in the best possible way, and IMO ND nailed it with The Last of Us.

Heisenburger2026d ago

I guess I would have to say that it felt as if "we" did it. If that makes any sense.

Every step Joel took, every gun he shot, every time he murdered someone was because I THE PLAYER allowed it.

His journey only moves forward if I will it so. If I place my controller on the ground he just stands there.

It is HIS story, yes. But I feel as if it was OUR journey.

riskytoast2026d ago

"Let me ask you this. When Solid Snake barely pulled himself through that endless hallway filled with radiation, did you see that as yourself overcoming the obstacle, or was it Snake?"

I actually see this as a great example against your point. When Snake is crawling in that hallway you, as the player, are having to repeatedly tap a button to keep him moving. The sequence goes on for so long that, at a certain point, your arm begins to tire. You feel it burn a little bit. This physical connection was able to emotionally tie me to what was going on in a very different, and maybe more significant, way than it would have if I had just been watching the sequence as a film.

The evolution of storytelling is one of senses. From aural, to visual, to physical. Anyone who thinks that storytelling can not in any way be enhanced by the ability to interact is just being ridiculous.

ThichQuangDuck2026d ago


I understand what you are going for. Throughout the game it more felt like a movie where I was holding a controller and enjoying the gameplay parts than a video game. For me a video game comes from the character I am playing as being some what relatable or connected to my goals or aspirations in the world. Joel is not quite often he says and does things that I disagree with but they are in cutscene form rather than allowing the player to choose or even hold a controller while joel does it. I feel some of the cutcenes were unnecessary and would be more chilling if they showed them in real time with the player holding the controller in an attempt to stop joel from doing what he was doing. In the last of us the greatest points of connection is the emotional story which works for some,but didn't fully connect for me. I understand Joel needed that daughter figure so he replaced her with ellie. I understand that Ellie felt she lost everything and now all she had was this stranger who has seen the same shit as her,but to remove the control from the player that much felt like Naughty Dog should just go write a movie rather than a game. If the game had choice structure at the major points I would be replaying it right now. Also when Ellie's side was shown we didn't fully get to know her until the end of her sequence. It is a great game,but I don't necessarily understand the game of the century, generation, etc comments.

FinalFantasyFan2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )


When a game suddenly rises in popularity without a comprehensible reason and you want to give yot honest opinion about it, then get ready to be savagely attacked by the internet gaming community trolls. Gaming website are criticized for being very inaccurate with their reviews. And while that's true, the reason why those who criticize them do so isn't because they're inaccurate. When a game gets the review rating that everyone wants, the review is showered with praise. When it doesn't, they hypocritically accuse the website of "taking bribes." The author here as well as yourself gave your opinions and look what happens. And even though I haven't given my own opinion about this game in my comment, I'm sure any troll who reads it will disagree with it only because I just defended you and the author for giving your honest opinions.

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Mr_Nuts2027d ago

I don't think it would be as good as a film, the reason I like it is because I feel like I'm watching a film but also I'm active because I'm doing something....playing the game.

Your getting two experiences in one.

I really can;t wait to see what other genres ND take on next, I hope one day in the future they do a spy themed game take inspiration from James Bond. Hell they could have their own "bond" like themes. Start off with a good no name singer then knowing ND by the third game when it's full established and popular bring in a high profiled singer to do it.

Bathyj2026d ago

I've already called it long ago.

they're rebooting siphon filter

hardcorehippiez2026d ago

yea syphon filter would be good but i would really like to see what naughty dog could do for socom. after playing tlou online i believe they have what it takes to make socom shine again. tlou is the most intense game i have played outside of socom confrontation this generation.

wishingW3L2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

meh. edit: Her complaints are very generic. You could even apply them to Zelda and Mario and these 2 hardly have any cinematics.

And why is always a female the one making these kind of irrelevant remarks? It's the same with Kotaku's Patricia. Just go and read some of her stuff and you'll be rolling your eyes way too many times with each sentence.

NihonjinChick2026d ago

What does her being a female have to do with anything?

rezzah2026d ago

What Conzul said.

To properly analyze this, you have to gather all other similar articles and look at the sex of the author.

For this to work people have to agree that the articles follow the common topic of "irrelevant remarks", in order for the counting to be fair.

Doing this will make your own opinion have a more solid base, but then again it all falls on perception.

evenstar2026d ago

I agree.. what does it have to do with it? I'm female and love this game..

Wni02026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Naughty dog will make sure this reviewer is happy next game by making a generic marine story with crappy cinematics so she wont get confused about if its a game or not.

ifritAlkhemyst2026d ago

You know nothing of her taste in games. Insults like this just make people look stupid.

Wni02026d ago

Whats more insulting? A writer doing a sensationalist topic to attract views and clicks or someone making a one sentence joke. Yeah idk.


Omran2026d ago

some one need a punch in the face, stop complaining about the game. The game was a masterpiece #DEALWITHIT

MidnytRain2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

The author needs a little more evidence and detail in her article. How should the player be given more control? Off the top of my head, I don't recall TLOU giving me any less control than I had in other games I've played. I also don't think being linear is a reason a game should be criticized. It's simply the type of game it is and was designed to be. It'd be like criticizing a puzzle game because there is only one solution. Multiple solutions are welcome, but aren't necessary for enjoyment. And while games that have various outcomes dependent on player choice is cool, the appeal should come from the fact that you're not forced to make a decision, not the fact that other players didn't "get your game," as what other players experience don't affect yours at all.

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