IGN Exclusive: Wall-E Hands-on and Screens

So what's up with the game, you ask? Well unless you've been stranded alone on a planet stacking trash cubes your whole life, you undoubtedly already know the score when it comes to licensed products, THQ, and the marketing machine that is animated Pixar movies. Every year or so we get new films, and with them come new games. Wall-E is one of those games, but it also has some potential as being a great accompaniment to what will most certainly be a classic theatrical release; Pixar movies always seem to be. Rather than moving too far from what Wall-E is all about, the game follows the story in a pretty linear fashion, kicking it off with the little robot on Earth alone, and then going through the paces in what ends up being an interactive movie of sorts. You'll hit up the same locales, meet the same people, and play within the world Pixar created.

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