Japanese Gamers and Retailers on the Next-Gen Consoles’ Pricing

This year's E3 turned out to be one of the more interesting and exciting conventions in recent memory. Unfortunately for yours truly, I was stuck across that pesky barrier, commonly referred to in geography classes as the Pacific Ocean.

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Prcko1931d ago

not same -.-

pedrof931931d ago


Americans will have a cheaper console.

Kos-Mos1931d ago

Well the americans don`t have the same income.

tigertron1931d ago

@ Kos-Mos

Only because everything in America is significantly cheaper. I mean, the PS4 is £100 cheaper over there.

pedrof931931d ago

[email protected]

What does that suppose to mean ?
In my country ,witch is in europe, minimun salary is lesser than the american. And we still have the console at 399, so STFU.

Angeljuice1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Whats the average wage in the US? Is it higher than in the UK? (which equates to slightly over $40,000).

Genuine question BTW.