Demon's Souls 2 on the horizon?

Demon's Souls the Sony owned Ip that was an unexpected hit, may have a successor on the horizon.

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hkgamer2024d ago

I highly doubt demon souls 2 would come out. It won't be made by From Software anyway.

I mean the whole point of dark souls was so that From Software didn't have to release a Sony exclusive.

Xof2024d ago

Well, if they wanted to release a Souls game on Vita, Demons' Souls would be a better IP to go with to avoid alienating Dark Souls fans. (Like how SEGA pissed off Valkyria Chronicles fans by making sequels on the PSP).

MysticStrummer2024d ago

"I mean the whole point of dark souls was so that From Software didn't have to release a Sony exclusive."

No, the whole point of Dark Souls was to release a game similar to Demon's Souls on another platform.

It wouldn't surprise me to hear that Demon's Souls 2 is in the works, and since PS4 is so much easier to develop for, along with Demon's Souls having a more traditional hub/level based design, it could release as soon as fall 2014.

I hope it turns out to be true, since Demon's Souls was better overall than Dark Souls in my opinion.

hkgamer2023d ago

Which is pretty much what I said right? Basically wanted to make demon souls multiplat so they just called it something else. But kept the word souls so that people knew.

Sony can make demon souls 2 but would fans care about it? Demon souls was never about story or the lore, but mainly about gameplay. So without From Software then it seems pointless.

Also, what would you want from Demon souls 2? Basically a rip-off similar to from software dev team. Or change the whole mechanics and do something different which would make using the demon souls name pointless.

DOMination-2023d ago

It doesn't have to be developed by From Software. Sony Japan could do it all but I think they have enough projects on at the moment.

MysticStrummer2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

If that's what you meant, my apologies, but it didn't look that way when I read it.

I don't think it's a foregone conclusion at all that From Software wouldn't make the game. Sony seems to have paid attention last generation so they have to know what a cult hit Demon's Souls became. Don't put it past them to pay From for an exclusive, and if they announce Demon's Souls 2 as a PS4 exclusive it will be huge news for a lot of people.

If someone other than From makes it, I'd rather them try to make a game worthy of the name Demon's Souls, so that means the same kind of combat, environments, and general feel of the game. Some new elements are good, new creatures and such, but the overall feel has to be the same.

If they do something very new, they shouldn't call it Demon's Souls 2.

PSVita2023d ago

God I hope so. Demon souls was so much better than Dark Souls.

wolfers22017d ago

The whole reason darksouls was not demon souls 2 was because FROM wanted to make a game that was playable on all consoles. It is highly possible that sony would make a new Demon souls. Darksouls and Demonsouls are completely different games. They have some key gameplay mechanics that are similar but their stories are so far apart. I enjoyed the lore behind demon souls more than the actual game play. When you say the game is not about story you couldn't more wrong. The game was an awesome game because it was so hard to find the story and once you found it it was beautiful and sadistic in everyway.

hkgamer2017d ago

Sorry, I didn't play the game because I knew it was going to be too hard for me. Never really heard anyone comment on story so I thought it never really existed.

Well, that's what I get for commenting on a game I never played.

If I was 10 years younger, I would have loved this game.

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xReDeMpTiOnx2023d ago

IMO demon souls> dark souls

I'm very confident in Sony studios so I would believe Sony would only hand it over to one that could take over And deliver nothing short of a amazing game.

hkgamer2023d ago

would you want them to rip-off from software and make a game similar to demon souls/dark souls?

Or would you want them to be creative and do something totally different?

I mean if you want them to do something totally different then isn't it pointless calling it demon souls?

Sevir2023d ago

And it's spiritual successor has garnered, they funded the project expecting it to underperforming and it was pretty much a runaway success, They've said that the game should have stayed in-house, but hindsight is always 20/20.

The director for the dark souls 2 has an unannounced title that he's working on, he tweeted about it so I'm sure Sony's got a hand in it. A Demon's Souls Sequel is definitely in the works and this time It'll have The backing from Sony and also benefit from being a Next Gen Title

cunnilumpkin2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Demon's Souls Rebirth

ps4 exclusive

that launches with the system, or on the day it does, I buy a ps4!

so far, no ps4 or xbox1 title even has me close to buying day one, killzone shadowfall is the only one I kind of want, but I'm not buying a console for 1 game

most of the games announced will be on pc is much higher resolutions with better anti aliasing and performance

I think I'll wait a year at least