Fergal Gara, VP Sony Computer Entertainment UK and Ireland: new PS4 anouncements on Gamescom

Interview: Sony: PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived

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MariaHelFutura1931d ago

"PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived"

Truth, cause specs do matter.

Xof1931d ago

...They've never mattered in the past.

The only thing that matters is how skilled a development team is and how well executed their ultimate product is.

jeffgoldwin1931d ago

Of course they matter, but such a small difference with xbone, doubtful it will ever be noticeable.

Gaming PC's are vastly more powerful and you only see slight differences.

greenlantern28141931d ago

The ps4 while being more powerful is also easier to develop for, sony made it that way.
Because the ps3 also the most powerful was hard to develop for. But when devs could master the tech the games they made where incredible. TLOU, uncharted, GoW 3, MGS 4, infamous ( which didn't even max out the system) and beyond later this year are all great. And this time that power is easier to take advantage of so yeah specs will matter

ABizzel11931d ago


It's not a small difference, it's better RAM and a GPU that's a step above the X1 (raw max performance, 7790 vs. 7870 original). However, including all the cut backs to the X1's hardware for media, OS, and Kinect it more like (7770 GHZ vs. 7850) GPU wise, and while it's not like, the PS4 is a generation ahead of the X1, it's still a good enough difference in power to where PS4 games should win the resolution and framerate battle consistently via multiplats:

PS4= 1080p, X1= 720p (not really that important to most consumers)
PS4= 720p, X1= Sub HD (not really that important to most consumers COD)

PS4= 60fps, X1= 30 - 40 fps (this is where it'll matter the most, but again they'll probably sacrifice resolution and image quality to get X1 fps up there with PS4).

But when it comes to first party games, it's going to be worse for the X1 than it was for the 360 vs. PS3, because it's a significant difference compared to the former two.

D-riders1931d ago

people are trippin of course power matter lookat the games that have came out on ps3 vs xbox their is a compelete difference. just compare the stiffness of gears to uncharted. visually and processing vaule wise.

medman1930d ago

XOF has obviously never had the pleasure of playing games like Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, or God of War 3, to name just a few. Size does matter buddy.

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mafiahajeri1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

I love that Mr. Bean episode, classic.

Kaz sure as heck made it cooler though xD

sigfredod1931d ago

This Gamescom is going to be awesome

Mr_Nuts1931d ago

Eight Days and the Getaway 3...please please please

Sony really need an open world game like GTA, a survival horror game like the old RE games and an RPG title like Elder Scrolls.

Racing, Action/Adventure, Hack and Slash, FPS, TPS, MMO etc they have them covered but I hope we get to see a ton more.

mafiahajeri1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

The getaway would be great!! Damn ill be in Germany at the end of September. I hope Gamescom gets delayed! xD

xReDeMpTiOnx1931d ago

At the very least at least Sony is moving forward rather than back *cough* Microsoft

Wizziokid1931d ago

can't wait to see what they have up their sleeve

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