The Rejected Names Of The First Xbox

When making a product, many names must be cycled through until you find the correct one that suits the product perfectly and thats exactly what happened with the original Xbox .

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Cam9771984d ago

Some of those names are just awful and I thought the name "ONE" was bad.

ProjectVulcan1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I always liked the idea of calling it Xenon or some such derivative.

Honestly Xbox one seems pure laziness. Might as well have called it Xbox Obfuscation. Would have made more sense (Ha! irony alert) considering some of their cloudy policies on the system....

joe901984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Glad I am a PC gamer. you Bitchy console fans will make an argument over the pettiest things.

Its called "Xbox" ohhhhh lets troll about its stupid name because we feed off the teat of anything Sony pukes out.

Stay classy folk.

Morgue1984d ago

Out of sheer sarcasm mind you. Does your computer have a name?

2pacalypsenow1984d ago

If you enjoy Pc games and ignore Consoles why click on a console Article??

fenome1984d ago


What, glad you're a PC gamer so that you can troll on a console thread and add absolutely nothing to the topic at hand? You actually think the argument you just posted is not petty? You just put yourself in the exact category that you're bagging on.
Nice to see your expensive ass PC put to good use buddy. Stay classy he says right after a violent bout of verbal diarrhea.

joe901984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

@Morgue Yes it does have a name for my PC,

I call her:

FullyBackwardsCompatibleWithB etterExclusivesWithBetterHardw a reAndCheaperGamesThatAreTotall y FreeToModAsIPleaseAndDontGetN i ckleAndDimedForEverythingIWant A lsoIDoNotNeedToPayAMonthlyFeeT o PlayOnline

AKA "Far Superior"

@fenome At least i am not on here bagging on Xbox when i have no reason to as i own a PS3...See there is no difference.if i ended every post i make with "PS4 for Life" i am sure you would have nothing but nice things to say to me.

@2pacalypsenow So why do Sony buyers comment on an Xbox section only to say how crap it is. Same goes i suppose.

Cam9771984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Did you even read what I posted? I criticized the name "ONE", not, as you stated, "XBOX". I'd say something but it isn't worth losing a bubble over so I'll just vote to de-bubble you for trolling.

fenome1983d ago


So when do I post ps4 for life on anything dude?
Yeah, I'm that shallow..riiiight...
I don't care if you own every Sony product ever owned if you're being a douchebag I'm gonna call you on it. I don't care what you play, how you play it or what you play it on. What, you say you own a ps3 and it's just supposed to make your stupidity fly out the window. Annoying people own every console/computer/anything out there, I'm not biased by things people own. They can spend their money and free time how ever they want, but if they're just being a d*ck for no reason I'll call 'em on it.
I don't need to wear a Naughty Dog t-shirt or paint my face with the playstation logo to show my support. I also don't need to criticize or put down people that don't happen to share the exact same opinion I have about something. I'm not that insecure.
I'm a gamer, and that's a lifestyle, not a console or keyboard or specific game man. Find a new argument somewhere else would ya?

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Ashlen1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The name that was most commonly used was 720. People had been saying that for years. If they had any common sense they would have gone with the name that was already popular. It just shows how out of touch Microsoft was with there consumers.

Instead they went with Xbox One. And in my opinion they were just fueling the console war by making people say Xbox Won all the time. For that reason alone i'm glad it blew up in there face.

xtremexx1984d ago

i dont know. Xbox 2 circles? wtf? doubling 360 could also be seen as the namers of the next xbox were just being lazy.

DeadlyFire1984d ago

Xbox 1 came out years ago. No need to buy a system that is 10 years old to me just because it has cloud support.

Fireseed1984d ago

HAHA I gotta say I'd be ok with a huge marketing campaign behind the XON

GreenRanger1984d ago

Some of those names hurt to read.

PSjesus1984d ago

Microsoft Interactive Theater should be One's name

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