“Gamer Girls” Shouldn’t Exist

Girl gamers aka female humans who play video games. Now before you get the wrong idea allow me to specify that I am not saying girls that game shouldn’t exist. I’m saying girl gamers shouldn't exist, the simple concept of specifying that you are a female that plays video games. Some gamers seem to get on these games, specify that they are a girl and do it strictly for attention. Others feel like they are annoyed by the constant swarm of male gamers going crazy over the fact that they just ran into a female that plays videos games. But, more then likely these are people that have specified their gender to people as if it matters in gaming. So lets say you are a guy and you decide to do something that is traditionally known to be a girl like thing, such as a knitter. How many boys that knit run around calling themselves a boy knitter. Probably none of them because despite being a girl or guy they are both classified as knitters.

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PopRocks3591932d ago

I always figured we were supposed to ignore the people who fit that awkward stereotype. I have a number of female friends who don't behave that way (one who outwardly hates that stereotype as well). There really shouldn't be a label, I think. There are people who play games, their gender should not matter.

The people who make it about gender (such as the people this author is talking about) should be left in their corner and ignored so as not to give them the attention they crave.