FIFA 14 Messi Steelbook edition now available to pre-order at GAME

Get your orders in before August 1, 2013.
The FIFA 14 Limited Edition is now available to pre-order on Xbox 360 and PS3, exclusively at GAME, EA Sports has announced.

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brave27heart2026d ago

Erm...why? Who would consider buying a steelbook limited edition Fifa and whats the motivation?

pompombrum2026d ago

24 gold packs for UT, some unlockables in the ingame shop thing and an extra £25 on the price.

pompombrum2026d ago

They had me until "exclusive to GAME" no thanks, would rather masturbate with razor blades than start preordering stuff from GAME.

mkotechno2026d ago

Steel or steal?
* Messy is accussed for evade 4 millions of euros in taxes.