Aiden Pearce Is Batman!

Analog Addiction writes, "The release of Watch_Dogs is coming sooner than we know it. Just like many gamers anticipated for the launch later this year, I have been watching all of the gameplay videos available. During my viewing sessions, I have come to the startling discovery. It may scare you, so you may want to sit down- read on once you have done so. Okay, here we go, this is going to blow your socks off (put socks on now if you do not have them on). Aiden Pearce, the Watch_Dogs’ protagonist, *unusually long drum roll* is Batman!"

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KillrateOmega2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

So Aiden's parents are dead?

The game would be truly perfect, if at some point Aiden yells, "SWEAR TO ME!"

DG902021d ago

I can't make out if Batman's face has been edited on to Aidens or its a DLC Batman skin..

Droid Control2021d ago

I've often thought that the Assassin Creed engine could be adapted to a Batman game.