Kamiya Concerned by Lack of Wonderful 101 marketing, Game Costlier Than Bayonetta

Hideki Kamiya and Platinum Games community manager have revealed that there's lack of hype for Wonderful 101.

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Beatboxtaun1958d ago

WTH? No one has approved this? This is important for everyone to read. See? Even the gamers seem to be uneducated on the title. grrrr I approved...

yewles11958d ago

What? A Platinum game NOT being marketed? Shocker...


Prime_281958d ago

Yeah there was hardly any marketing for Okami.

raiden-491958d ago

tbh most of cover studio is gone now (within platinum ) making up studios like grasshopper studios and other studios but I agree with you over Okami not getting the marketing it deserved.

ShaunCameron1958d ago

Or Vanquish. Or Anarchy Reigns.

PopRocks3591958d ago

Wasn't Metal Gear Rising marketed well enough? That game sold very well from what I heard.

Concertoine1958d ago

It had some marketing but the main reason it sold well was the fact that METAL GEAR was in the title. Bayonetta also had a fairly sizeable marketing campaign, but it was so tailored to japanese audiences from the beginning with all the trailers focused on sexuality and partial nudity that it alienated americans.

chadboban1958d ago

I agree, MARKET THIS THING NINTENDO! It looks amazeballs!!

Concertoine1958d ago

there's still over a month until it comes out, just a few commercials showing off the gameplay would boost sales

Dj7FairyTail1958d ago

Yeah in August. The marketed Pikmin 3 in Japan early this month and Game & Wario for US.

ShaunCameron1958d ago

Could it be that a similar game called Pikmin 3 is coming out in a month's time?

wishingW3L1958d ago

Wonderful 101 looks way better than Pikmin 3.

ShaunCameron1958d ago

Maybe so, but in terms of fanfare P3 is getting all the attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.