Is there really corruption in gaming journalism?

MWEB GameZone writer, James Wernich poses the question asks whether there really is corruption going on in gaming journalism, or is it just another hype?

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HanCilliers1933d ago

Just because I get paid to review doesn't automatically mean you cannot trust my pov. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater pls.

GabeSA1933d ago

Sensitive Much Han? My article never says that gaming journalists are corrupt, but rather poses the question: Is there corruption in gaming journalism and who can you trust? And as I always say "In my opinion" I can choose who I want to trust, rather than I must trust a paid gaming journalist. But, I dont believe others also thiink that all gaming journos are corrupt, otherwise we wouldnt be on most sites reading latest news.

HanCilliers1933d ago

"I would trust someone like myself when a review is written", implying you DON'T trust someone that is paid

MariaHelFutura1933d ago

Anything that generates as much money as the gaming industry is subject to corruption.

GabeSA1933d ago

Ironically I just read a news article where celebrities use Twitter shamelessly to earn extra money by posting about products, clothing etc. So yes, I agree...wherever there is money to be made, people will cease the opportunity

Choc_Salties1933d ago

Interesting read to be certain - play the game, talk about the game, and list personal biases that might affect your impression of the game - would seem logical to curb this thing of corruption in the reviews a bit, maybe

matgrowcott1933d ago

Personal bias shouldn't exist in a professional review. If it does, find another critic.

Listing personal bias isn't a fix anyway. I dislike certain sorts of games, but that doesn't stop me from objectively saying what works and doesn't work, and what might appeal to those who do enjoy that kind of game.

I think Halo is a fantastic game and franchise, but I've never played one that I've enjoyed. If I'm forced to write "I dislike Halo" above my review, at what point do you stop taking that review seriously?

GabeSA1933d ago

Well said, and I believe that I will first try a game before making a call whether a review was biased or not, at least imo.

WelshPixie1933d ago

There is absolutely corruption in games journalism - especially as the stakes get higher. is just one of loooads of articles covering it. I don't think it's to do with getting paid to write, though - it's to do with a game producer approaching you with a bunch of free merchandise from their game on the unspoken promise that this will butter you up and make you feel obligated to review their game more favourably. Some people take those bribes without batting an eyelid. A lot of more respected, more morally aware journalists shun the practice and never accept even innocently offered gifts because of the risk of it being seen as bad practice.

As with anything in life, people will be people. There are the good guys and the bad guys. There IS corruption in game journalism, but it's not widespread or absolute.

HanCilliers1933d ago

I like your mature perspective