New Pokémon - Honedge Fanart Gallery

Leaked from Japan Expo are pictures and videos of the most recently-announced Pokémon, “Monorpale”. Punching Beta posts the best few pieces of fan artwork yet.

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latincooker2141928d ago

hey look its a new Pokemon game maybe Xbone will get this that will make No Limit and FAKEninja Happy:)

vazurahan1928d ago

Someday will get an axe pokemon, shield pokemon, bow pokemon. Even utensil pokemons like spoon and fork.

Trunkz Jr1928d ago

I agree, but I still dislike, they need to put thought into the Pokemon they create this feels as lame as a Pokemon made of Garbage -_- I've seen many fan made Pokemon that would make great editions.

CaptainYesterday1928d ago

It looks so weird I wonder if there is a shield Pokemon..