SOE's Liberty talks DC Universe Online on PS4

When Sony's PlayStation 4 launches later this year, it will boast a fairly robust day-one library of games. Amongst those is the MMO DC Universe Online.

The game has been out for some time on PC and PlayStation 3, but Sony Online Entertainment has recently opted to port over the title to PS4 to allow early adopters of the new hardware the chance to either continue their old game or begin anew.

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ThatCanadianGuy5142120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

So PS4 & PS3 players play together..

How will the difference in Performance affect it tho? I feel it's kind of pointless because all content will have to be playable on PS3.Which means less enemies, objects, physics etc on screen compared to what could be done on PS4.So, i get smoother frame rate and better graphics? Gives me an edge in PVP, at least.

Really sad to hear this.Ah well, everquest next is on the horizon.Looking forward to it.

Tuxmask552119d ago

I'm looking forward to being able to play with PS3 players once I get my PS4. There's little worse in an MMO sense than playing a game with too few other players.

Navick2119d ago


This is a port. Not a remake. There not going to automatically add additional enemies if it wasn't in the original build. However, they did say that the graphics will be better. So I'm taking a leap of faith here and guessing that will include longer draw distances along with all the other eye candy. So in essence you will most likely be able to see more enemies on screen though not all of them will be directly involved in combat at once. I can't wait to try this on the PS4.

wishingW3L2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

but PS3 version lags quite a bit so a PS4 version without lag (I mean, it's more powerful)... How that would even work? PS4 players would have an advantage.

ThatCanadianGuy5142119d ago

Yeah but i don't mean what is already available.I mean all future content.

The things they add have to be made with the lowest common denominator in mind, and that being the PS3.Instead of making a new raid with, i don't know, groups of 30-40 enemies at a time, they have to scale it back to 10-20.Know what mean?

I know it's not that big of a deal, it's just a little disappointing to me.If they were worried about low player count then they should of made it PC/PS4.Considering PS3 alone made up over half the userbase between PS3/PC

MikeyDucati12119d ago

You are right on point DayZ. I'm disappointed to hear the same thing. I really wanted to see them use that PS4 power instead of just porting the PS3 version

Malice-Flare2120d ago

damn right SOE, port your games over and keep them F2P. i want your next Everquest...

MysticStrummer2119d ago

I downloaded this for free last Christmas and enjoyed it enough on PS3 to buy several DLCs. Looking forward to seeing it on PS4.

Navick2119d ago

Same here Mystic and we can expect to see a lot more ppl online according to the above news!

Anthotis2119d ago

People have been saying this game was dying since it was released, now look how well it's doing.

I much prefer Champions Online for my superhero fix, but DCUO is being constantly developed and improved upon, and now it'll be a launch title for the PS4.

Well done DCUO.

Lockon2119d ago

I've been with DCUO since it became free to play but I did play the crap out of the beta. I can't wait to play it on PS4.

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