What Is Your #1 Reason For Purchasing The PlayStation 4?

There are always multiple factors that come into play when deciding on a new game system, but what's the top reason you decided to go with the PS4?

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GribbleGrunger1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I don't think I can nail it down to just one thing, so I'll give you three reasons why I'll be buying a PS4: Exclusives (always guaranteed new IPs and quality titles) , long term support (history shows this clearly) and better hardware (both technically and anaesthetically). There are many other reasons of course but those will do for now.

@dedicatedtogamers: Yes, definitely. I always get the impression that Sony know that pleasing us first makes them a LOT of money and gives them a LOT of support. It clearly works.

dedicatedtogamers1984d ago

My #1 reason (even though I have more than one reason) is that Sony has a proven track-record. I'm not even a die-hard Sony gamer. My first Sony console was a PS2 1 year before the PS3 launched, and then I got a PS3 in late 2008.

But I know that when I get a PS4, Sony will be fighting to earn my gaming dollar each and every year that I own the system.

ZodTheRipper1984d ago

This is my #1 reason, too. Sony has the only console aimed mainly at core gamers and the first party games reflect this perfectly. No Kinect-like gimmicks or motion controls, no restrictions at all but instead regularly new IP's and generally a lot of value for your money. I didn't have to think twice about preordering the PS4.

Yi-Long1984d ago

... and I want to play great games. Hassle-free.

MastaMold1984d ago

Killzone Shadow Fall

Sent from my PS Vita

medman1984d ago

It's inherent awesomeness.

OmegaSlayer1984d ago

Hello Grib! ;)
I'll buy PS4 because it's a gaming system first and foremost.

MrSwankSinatra1984d ago

games. nothing more, nothing less. sure all the extra stuff is nice but the main reason i buy consoles is to play games an right now sony has them.

mochachino1984d ago

Power and price.

Most of my favourite games are multiplats but the exlusives provide an incentive as well.

ZodTheRipper1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I play a lot of multiplatform games too but imo the exclusives offered the best "experiences" this gen. I won't forget Demon's Souls, God Of War 3, Journey, Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us or Ni No Kuni because they all had something special. Games like Assasin's Creed or Call of Duty seem more generic in that matter because they adapt more to current trends and because of that, they don't sink that deep into my memory exclusives are a crucial selling point to me.

mochachino1983d ago

AC and COD are among my least favourite mulitplats.

I do enjoy many exclusives but I think 90% of the best games are multiplat.

A large number of quality exclusives like what Sony has done is a great example of a company standing behind and supporting their user base. No PS3 owner ever experienced a major drought this gen. The same can't be said about 360 owners. I know because I own both since their respective launches.

When there's a multiplat drought, an exclusive goes a long way. I still buy consoles with exclusives in mind but there are far more multiplats that I play.

If any company had GTA, Skyrim/Oblivion, Tomb Raider, BF3, Mass Effect, Red Dead, Bioshock, Dishonoured, etc, as exclusives they would have the best games hands down.

romancer1984d ago

I have pre-ordered (with a deposit) a PS4 -- simply because it is the next-generation of a Sony console.

I have also pre-ordered (with a non-refundable deposit) an XBox One.

I am looking forward to the best gaming experiences that these consoles may offer.

end of controversy.

Majin-vegeta1984d ago

Simple when it was revelead i wasnt treated like a criminal.

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