TheAge Review: The Last of Us

"Apart from a few comparatively small issues, The Last of Us stands up as one of the best games on PS3. For once, this is a game that isn't given perfect scores because of some internet, and media, hype machine but is truly a work of art. The gameplay, art design, sound design, acting, motion capture and writing are all a perfect example of what one of the best game developers working today can do if given creative freedom and a huge budget. I only hope that it doesn't become an endless franchise because the ending fits so perfectly. There's not much else to say about Joel and Ellie. Maybe a game in the same universe that doesn't follow those characters could work, but I think it should be respectfully left alone. Then again, considering how much money it has already made, I'm probably asking too much. Either way, if you own a PS3, play this game. As soon as possible."

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