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gamrReview's Gordon Bryant: "Hotline Miami could offer you dozens of hours of fun, but only if you like dying over and over and over again, and since that's what the game is in the first place, it gets old fast. There are a lot of things in this world that are fun for the right audience, and this is why I urge you not to focus on my score, but on what I have to say about the game's ethos."

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kB01936d ago

I dont think the game deserves a 6.3, it's very addictive and the graphics are a charm especially on the Oled screen.

But I guess everyone is entitiled to their opinion.

I was reading other reviews and was shocked to see Donkey Kong 3Ds get 8.8, am I the only one that noticed how laggy that game can be and it really makes the controls suffer.....

Other than that the site seems to have very well rounded reviews. I'm really addicted to animal crossing now LOL 9/10:P

Anyways Hotline miami is a 9/10 for me...addictive...but a little hindered by the Vita analogs...much easier on Ps3...but I would much rather play this on the subway:P

B_Rian891935d ago

I agree with most of what you said except the controls. I actually preferred Vita's controls over PS3. Gamespot thinks the same and they scored the Vita version higher because of it

kB01935d ago

Like many handheld consoles and controllers it varies. I think my thumbs are just too small to make some of the perfect angled shots:P

Runa2161935d ago

Like I said in the reveiw, I think what I have to say is more important than the score. Everything I said, sans my absolute hatred for the soundtrack, is in line with what other people said, the difference being that I found it more frustrating than rewarding. More annoying than addicting.

Same game, same observation, but I just don't see how people can like it.

kB01935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Just like people need to accept your review you need to accept ppl's comments:)

I did say that your entitled to your opinion, but for me the gameplay was very addicting and yes there are some times where death is beyond your control but the game plays that way it goes hand in hand with it's charm.

You can not like it all you want but it can be both a testament of thinking ahead mixed with reflexes:)

andibandit1935d ago

Looks like something from 1983

sdozzo1935d ago

More like 1989... Miami 1989!

TiberusX871935d ago

I have to respectfully disagree.

To start with, there is so much more to the presentation than just graphics alone, and this game has an outstanding retro presentation with an equally intoxicating soundtrack.

If we're discussing Gameplay, the mechanics are well designed. I don't know how that can be argued, it just takes skill and practice.

I also think this particular reviewer missed the purpose of the narrative completely, and that was one of the best parts about it. I love how it explores the fact that just like "The Jacket" answers the phone and kills without a reason, whilst us as players are essentially doing the same. We pick up a game, learn the rules and play without questioning why.

It's a fair opinion. However, I just don't think this game is for him.

This was my review from last year:

sdozzo1935d ago

Don't plug your review in another person's feed. Classless.

TiberusX871935d ago

I disagree. This is N4G, and not his direct website.

I had a positive opinion of the game that I was expressing, and chose to include a link to my full analysis. There is nothing wrong with that.

My review is old for a start, and my site is not for profit. I have nothing to gain other than simply sharing my own perspective with other N4G users.

Also, I stated his opinion was fair. Think what you like.

Runa2161935d ago

at least your disagreement was respectable.

And the presentation encompasses the graphics, audio, story, and UI. the 80's aesthetic was good and the graphics were pretty decent sprites, but the audio was some of the worst ever and the story was a huge disappointment, even with the hidden ending.

The mechanics are solid...on the PC. movement and aiming is flawless with a PC and mouse, but on the Vita it seems finicky. the respawn mechanic is awesome, though, and the combo system is pretty cool.

Overall it's just a matter of seeing the same thing and not valuing what they had to offer the same way as others. it's not that the bad game, it's like the conclusion says: sometimes a game just isn't for everyone. I thought it was alright, but nothing special. Nowhere near the outstanding scores everyone else seems to be giving it.

the 8's, 9's, and 10's would indicate it's great, that's it's amazing, or that it's fun from beginning to end. It had its fun parts, but repetition got stale and frustrating. I can't give an 8 to that.

sdozzo1935d ago

Eh you say it blows then you say it's cool. C'mon. At this point we are just looking to see how it translates to the Vita. PC has been out with a full-size controller for a while.

Benjammin251935d ago

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Torillian1935d ago

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Runa2161935d ago

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