Kotaku: Dualshock 3 in the House

The DualShock 3 just landed on my doorstep, right next to that pink and green frosting. Even though I've messed around with one before I was still surprised at it's heft. It makes the soon to be obsolete SIXAXIS feel like an empty shell.

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Alcohog4513d ago

These stories are so 2007. :P

joydestroy4513d ago

i know. no one cares. i've had my DS3 for a month and more hardcore PS3 fans have had it since you could first import one.

RecSpec4513d ago

Now the disbelievers can finally open their eyes.

gEnKiE4513d ago

I got my white dual-shock not too long ago and since then, I don't even touch my Sixaxis controllers......Now if only more games would support it.

feejo4513d ago

Almost 2 years after the Ps3 release they release the controler, wow In't a game called Timeshift?

kevin11224513d ago

where do you get almost 2 years. we still have 8 months before it is 2 years.

meepmoopmeep4513d ago

i've still used my sixaxis after i got my white dualshock3. but that's only when its battery needs recharging :P
i'll keep my 2 sixaxis though. not worth trying to sell now that it's obsolete.

Torch4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

My two Sixaxis' suit me just fine for the time being (TBH, the only force-feedback device that's got my attention is that sweet Logitech G25 racing wheel), but I'm just curious:

How's the battery life on those? Do you need to charge often, or battery life somewhat comparable to the Sixaxis?

level 3604513d ago

Good their shipping them early, just don't expect any other ( visual ) changes on the pads.
Only a slight added weight and the DualShock3 logo are the only noticable difference.

Sony should now make the DualShock3 as the standard of choice that goes in the box when purchasing a PS3 console.

Had mine for a couple of months now, but really wish Sony had done something about the slippage issue on L2/R2 triggers, plus the small size.
Still thankful it's got "rumble" though.

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