IGN: Haze Rebels Hands-on, Videos and Screens

In the world of Haze, there are the haves, and the have nots. The haves are easily Mantel Corporation's soldiers, who frequently inject themselves with a strange pharmaceutical substance known as Nectar. But the have nots are the mysterious rebel faction known as the Promise Hand, a bunch of miscreants based in South America that want to create anarchy across the world. Lead by a mysterious figure known as Skin Coat (so named for the article of clothing he's cobbled together from his victims), no country is safe from the significant threat they pose to life.

Or are they?

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wageslave3948d ago

Snore. I predict 5-6/10 average on Metacritic.

captainpwn3948d ago

This looks stunning. Go to the open zone if you're a stubborn fanboy who can't stand that the PS3 is running the show this year. In May, you have Fable, we have HAze. Just go play some Halo and stop trashing what you can't afford.

Greysturm3948d ago

If its anything higher you will STFU for a while?

EZCheez3948d ago

Based on Free Radical's reputation alone it should average at least an 8. They just don't make mediocre FPS.

bootsielon3948d ago

If Halo 3 got above a 9.0 on Metacritic, there is no reason for this game to get anything lower than that. But then again, I don't trust press outlets that are heavily buttered and pampered by Microsoft.

games4fun3948d ago

Ok I am getting really tired of hearing how haze is generic and is low scoring blah blah blah... tell me is any of this generic:
2 completely different classes with their own style of fighting one rebel the other soldier
playing dead and stealing weapons from enemies in mp and sp
use of drug to increase abilities and also make bombs out of them for other team call it a gimmick but tell me what other game has it?
Vehicles I know other fps have them but there are a lot of fps that don’t either
The only thing you can say bad about it is that the graphics don’t completely blow you away but they are decent, just because the game got delayed all of a sudden it isn’t good anymore its annoying but it doesn’t change the fact that these are new features and maybe a game may have a few of those features but they certainly don’t have them all together so how are they generic when they go beyond most fps games in terms of features?

sonarus3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

All i can say is haze better have a hell of a gameplay. While i think visually it rests on the level of the likes of halo however halo quality visuals aren't good enough for ps3 exclusives :D

JBaby3433948d ago

This game keeps looking better the more they work on it. I was on the fence about it but now it's looking pretty good. It will get better than 5-6. Halo 3 got higher so this deserves at least the same. Just pick up a PS3 so you can enjoy it instead of saying stupid sh!t.

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captainpwn3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

HAZE is now definitely a buy for me.

pharmd3948d ago

true that, i canceled my preorder but now i will definitely be pickin this up!!!

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thor3948d ago

Doesn't exactly look amazing.

fenderputty3948d ago

game every time I see it. It' has gotten much better but, is it too little to late. Hopefully they iron out whatever needs ironing soon cause it's out soon. Definitely waiting on reviews and a rental before I purchase the game.

jwatt3948d ago

It looks decent, graphics were better than I though. Gameplay was ok but the person playing the game just sucked. I see this game getting scores of 7s and 8s which is good. I think I will be more into the multiplayer which could be where the real fun is at.

Vulcan Raven3948d ago

Still on the fence about this game but it doeas look pretty good. I will probably get it as long as it has 4 player offline.

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The story is too old to be commented.