What Arkham Ayslum Gets Right And Wrong About The Criminally Insane

How do real psychiatric hospitals approach the so-called "criminally insane?" Who are these mentally ill criminals? And importantly, what does mental illness have to do with violence?

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Blacklash931958d ago

Does anyone actually care about realism in the nature and treatment of superpowered villains in Batman?

Ezz20131958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

well, let's see
1. we have a dude that look like crocodile and bigger than the biggest one out there.
2. we have a dude that his face look like a clowen and his mouth start from ear to ear.
3.we have dude who have a venom that can make him very big and strong as hell.
4. we have a women that talk to plants and control it as much as she want.
5.we have a dude who have a cold blue skin that can freeze any one.

6. we have a playboy who in the night is the most feared and badass hero ever created

etc etc etc

yeah, realism in Batman World the last thing i would care about

Heisenburger1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Victor Fries....

Can anybody guess what happened to him?

Lol I actually just paused Asylum for a moment and *saw this article. It's been a while. I picked it up on psn for five clams. Not bad, right?

I had forgotten how dark this game is tbh.

Dead. Bodies. Everywhere.

Have an ice day!!

*minor typographical error

1958d ago
PositiveEmotions1958d ago

Can someone help me with some bubbles please

SilentNegotiator1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Well said, TheTimeDoctor, well Said. That was very intelligent humor and helpful to the situation.

DragonKnight1958d ago

@PositiveEmotions: See, the comment you just made is likely to be hit with an "Off Topic" debubble vote. Also, you should know that on N4G, asking for bubbles is the same as telling people to take away your bubbles. Everything here is opposite. Like for example, I'm going to get disagrees on this topic even though I have pretty much stated the truth about this site in this comment.

SilentNegotiator1958d ago

You complained about disagrees. -1 point(s). :)

Yeah, it's one of those unspoken rules.

mafiahajeri1958d ago

Gotham just needs a death sentence, everyone will get in line after that...

SilentNegotiator1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

The whole Batman "story" seems to have a lot of caution on treating crime too liberally.

Joker kills hundreds of people and the legal system still labels him as mentally ill instead of slapping him in the chair. In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman basically just goes "f**k this" and goes to the lengths that lead to his death.

Then again, you have Kingdom Come where the killing of joker is simply the first step towards the end of the world and a police state and yatta yatta.

But that's DC (and Marvel) for ya. Unfocused, disjointed, etc. Then again, I don't follow the main series very much, so maybe I'm totally missing out and some consistent material, IDK.

Blacklash931958d ago

The Joker is mentally ill. He's a total psychopath. That diagnosis is entirely correct. Doesn't mean he shouldn't be slapped in the chair too, though. >_>

he thing about the Joker is that, different from the other villains, he's completely unredeemable. With most of the other villains you can at least see why they came to be what they are and some even driven by compassionate things, like Freeze with his wife. That's a big reason batman doesn't kill; because there may still be some good in them despite all they've done.

However, this is Comic-Book Land. Villains arbitrarily survive and escape so the writers can milk them out more. Realistically, Joker would literally be excecuted for crimes against humanity for the many people he kills combined with all the times he escapes. Not that anyone would ever believably be able to escape such facilites, much less consistently.

Tfmdortv1949d ago

Batman never died in the dark night returns. If you think so you are sorely mistaken

Tfmdortv1949d ago

Batman never died in TDKR.You are wrong wrong wrong

Tfmdortv1948d ago

How can you guys hate on the joker he is swagitha