3G VITA: The most neglected SKU (deservedly so).

Simply put, anyone else (or I) can use the hotspot connection in a phone and/or tablet with the tethering ability in the (wifi only) VITA or just opt for connecting to a wifi signal.

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edwineverready2114d ago

yep regret my 3g version. after a year of not using my vodaphone credit my simcard is now unusable. when i bought it i thought better safe then sorry on the 3g connection. in hindsight i would have been better of with the wifi version.

jukins2114d ago

Yea I almost made the mistake you made, sorry btw, had it totally paid off and everything thinking just like you "better safe than sorry" then I came to my senses and realized why bother with a 3g vita when I can use my 4g phone as a hotspot.

sherimae24132114d ago

mine is 3g and since im using a european vita , its open line
i used 3g most of the time since i lived in a province and there is no wifi here 3g is my source of internet connection ^_^

jujubee882114d ago

Good point. I'll still hold true that if you (or anyone else) has a phone or can find a portable router that does better than 3G (i.e. 4G LTE), than your better off using that since you can actually play online and stream better stuff.

But the browser and text chat works well enough on VITA's 3G.

sherimae24132114d ago

exactly! the 3g is only good when it comes to web browsing and messaging and sadly my vita got a burn in because of that :(

jujubee882114d ago

I've not got that and I've had my VITA since launch and played it a lot, surfed a bit (but I use my phone to browse mostly).

Hicken2114d ago

Yeah, if the 3G wasn't carrier-locked, I would have gotten one of those instead. But all I've got is the Wifi, which is good enough for me.

sherimae24132114d ago

being carrier-locked in the NA is really a bad move by sony actually....

Narutone662114d ago

That article is a pain to read with the gray background and a slightly darker gray text.

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