How the Wii U Wiped Out Nintendo’s Ability to Compete's Dave Walsh looks at the Wii U's diminishing sales and popularity while the gaming world is buzzing over the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will it see a resurgence, or has Nintendo lost its way in the home console market?

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Need4Game1933d ago

WII U has the potential to be a cheap MMO Platform.

PopRocks3591933d ago

I beg to differ. Hardly anyone, Nintendo included, has bothered to take advantage of whatever online capabilities it has over the original Wii.

Need4Game1933d ago

Dragon Quest X & MonolithSoft "X" begs to differ.

That's Two(2) MMORPG on WII U.

With that much MMOs, Capcom may as well put Monster Hunter Online on WII U. Monster Hunter 3 was Nintendo Exclusive.

abzdine1932d ago

for me when i hear Nintendo i see Zelda, and despite the fact that It's my favorite franchise i'd like to see more new IPs for gamers on top of that cause when i think PlayStation too many franchises come to my mind.

Firan1932d ago


I doubt the new X game is a MMORPG. Most likely a RPG with online co-op like Monster Hunter.

Tdmd1932d ago

I'd consider getting an WiiU as my second console if that was the case.

richierich1933d ago

Who said MonolithSoft's X was an MMORPG

BullyMangler1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Ha haaa . since when does nintendo compete?

maybe fanboys are upse at the fact that nintendo "seems" to win all the time over sony and microsoft.

ha haaa nintendo no compete, they teach < fact

poor fanboys, delusions wont take them far . .

Bennibop1932d ago

Yeah they taught everyone a lesson with Gamecube, N64 & Virtual Boy.

Parapraxis1932d ago

Selective memory.
As a Nintendo fan and a WiiU owner, I have been really disappointed with the console thus far, Nintendo needs to get their sh*t together, and soon.

BullyMangler1932d ago

and saLes determine somethings gLory?

then you must think Justin Bieber is a legend eh

ha haa haaa

Concertoine1932d ago

This is some mad cherry picking. How about the d-pad, the joystick, game design innovations, motion controls (though that fad is all but dead), touch screens, dual screen interfaces which are fastly becoming the norm with the ps4 controller, smart glass, etc.
I could name some incredible Sony innovations, or i could say they made the pocketstation, psp go, and the ps2 eye. Every company made mistakes.

mii-gamer1932d ago

All this guy writes up about is anti nintendo article, - his logic is fanboy sentiment, never based on analysis or facts. I believe the last thing he wrote about was how nintendo killed the bayonetta serires - nonsensical rambling of how he despises the fact that it is exclusive to the wii u. Never going to visit explosion again - i have make complain about this particularly writer. Marking this site down

dvewlsh1932d ago

Check the byline, I never wrote about Bayonetta, ever.

Foxgod1932d ago

Nintendo still has to get its focus, yes the price is too steep now, and yes, theres a lack of AAA games out.

But as soon as Nintendo finally gets them out and the price drops, the WiiU's will be rolling.
Only most likely not as hard as the Wii did.
But i still see them selling 40 to 50 million consoles in the long run.

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