The Myth of Microsoft Trying to “Screw” Gamers

RealGamerNewz Author Brody Arnold takes it upon himself to address the beef in the industry regarding the next-generation Microsoft Xbox ONE. Is it just a coincidence that the entire gaming industry has seemingly flipped channels to bring themselves in line with underground opinions that seem to rule the net? Or is it something more that is causing the XO to get hated on worse than the PlayStation 3 before it even came out? Such a biased, one-sided view of the game industry certainly didn't help us last generation and it will not help next-generation either.

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Mr_Nuts1934d ago

Damn it that's what I was going to say

Anyway on topic

So this guy thinks it's just because of the DRM thing of why people hate MS?

MS have been like this for years, the horrible anti consumer policies they brought in only confirmed how much they don't give a crap about gamers in general and in some cases it opened peoples eyes a bit on MS as a company.

Every since they revealed Natal as Kinect thats when they changed because they saw the full potential in the gaming market, I mean thats the whole point they got into the gaming industry anyway..."more money". Unlike Sony and Nintendo MS bought and lied their way to success. They didn't earn it like Sony/Nintendo did with years and years of great games and hardware.

Thats why I don't like them, they are liars, they are shady, they don't give a crap about us or this industry in general and instead of getting out of it to make their true vision...a cable box, they'd rather try to change the gaming industry for the worse just so they can keep the audience they've built up over the years AND the entertainment audience, basically more consumers equals more money. You can see them trying to change over now, look at the Halo TV series, the biggest franchise they have and they are trying to make a TV series out of it, hell if it becomes popular who's to say they won't start focusing more of their attention on the TV series and even films then the games.

I know for a fine fact that once the Xbox One comes out all those games we saw at E3 are released you will never see an E3 like that ever again. They were hoping it would make us turn a blind eye to the DRM but it didn't work.

MS blew their entire hand at E3, least with Sony they have Gamescom and even TGS, not too mention the VGA's which I bet they will announce Uncharted 4 for example.

How can you trust MS after everything they've done, people on this site make it look like your a Nintendo or Sony fanboy for "hating" on MS but the fact is we're just pointing out the obvious. The PS4 is doing things right and the Xbox One is doing things's not fanboyish to praise a company doing things right at every turn while the other treats us like the end of the day it's just common sense.

Hitman07691934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

It's funny how you say "MS bought and lied their way into success" they bought the mainstream gaming media who are the real ones that lied to you, and now you believe blindly the same exact mainstream media that had you all hating PS3 and is now telling you "its time to hate them now guys, the next-gen check didn't clear yet". How about you form your own opinion? Or is this truly your opinion? That Sony is god?

Nobody is perfect, everybody makes mistakes, both have exclusive lineup. If you're a real gamer you might not be able to afford both but you shouldn't just blindly hate one over the other! This goes for PS4 haters too!!


You almost achieve logic but fall short unfortunately brother. They aren't trying to make money from one customer over and over for the same product, they are trying to make money from one product one customer instead of being robbed by Gamestop.

And mark my words, this problem/issue/debate whatever you wanna call it is Far from over. Microsoft is just doing what 3rd party wants and they will make it known that they want this as soon as the Bad PR disaster of this is all gone (give it 3 years and see what they say about used games when even more companies go bankrupt).

abc12331934d ago

Who said anything about trying to make money from one customer over and over? There's nothing wrong with my logic, it's your reading comprehension which needs work. They are making money from a single product which has been already been paid for by the initial buyer over and over. Name me one other industry where this is expected or at least tell me what makes the gaming industry so special?

Root1934d ago


The problem is your entire article just smells of fanboy bullcrap so it's hard to take you seriously, it feels more like a rant. You can't defend DRM, you can accept it's going to happen in the future but it will only happen in the future if we let it. This is where Mr_Nuts hit the nail right on the head, MS are like snakes in the grass, they will lie and lie and lie again to try and make themselves look like saints but deep down they don't care about the gaming industry and the worst thing about it is that they make it look like they do.

yesmynameissumo1934d ago

It was a myth that they knowingly sold broken hardware. New broken hardware.

And the myth of their indie treatment.

And the myth that there is value in Xbox Live.

I think they are the realities of the ecosystem. Like Sony screwing the pooch on the PS3 launch, PSN being breached, and all the other missteps the gaming media was MORE than happy to report, exaggerate and use a double standard in reviewing.

I bought a 360 at launch. I was a fan of that system...until its true colors showed. They've gone out of their way to screw up the X1 and I love it.

Ashlen1934d ago


Companies go under and new companies take their place in every industry.

The fact of the matter is gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment worldwide. And on top of that the gaming industry has generated more money every year for the past 25 years.

Many publishers have also stated that used games are not really an issue for them. And that the DRM was not there idea but solely Microsofts decision.

Also many customers who are selling there games turn around and buy more gaming products. It's the nature of money to keep changing hands.

pixelsword1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

@ hitman:

The media isn't telling us to hate microsoft, as you can plainly see with this article: they have told us/are telling us that Microsoft is misunderstood, and we ought to be thankful for DRM, monthly charges, a camera that's hooked-up to a console that had to be on, and NOT telling us that Microsoft is one of a group of corporations that made a deal with "da goober-mint" to turn-in any information they gather at a whim.

Who's not thinking, now?

shoddy1934d ago

Myth my ass.
are people blind or deaf?

ma1asiah1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@abc1233 "They are making money from a single product which has been already been paid for by the initial buyer over and over. Name me one other industry where this is expected or at least tell me what makes the gaming industry so special?"

Think of it this way - A game is lines of data it does not incur wear and tear it will not break down any quicker because you are the second, third or fourth person to purchase the game. The physical disk may need to be repaired i.e scratches removed etc but the data stored on the disk remains the same.

This is the key difference between buying a second hand car, a piece of clothing a second hand house etc and a second hand or used game.

Everytime someone consumes a game it is the same day 1000 as it is day 1 with excpetions to patches updates etc.

OrangePowerz1933d ago


Blocking of used games is an issue they tried to address that doesn't need to be addressed because digital will grow more and more and if they are smart enough they will price digital version a bit lower compared to disc versions.

If I look at the companies that went out of bussines recently there are companies like THQ, and while they had some good games they also had a lot of crap that cost them a lot and nobody wanted to buy it. If you dont want your games traded in sella product that is worth keeping and has value to the consumer and not a game that you can finish in 8 hours that has bad tagged on MP.

Given the course that MS took with the 360 in the last 3-4 years I would not count on them to keep it up with the strong games lineup. Once they sold the 360 to the core gamers every E3 was about Kinect and what new TV features and channels it has and more casual games. Sony delivered year over year strong core games constantly. MS does deliver them as long as they see more core players buy the console and once that slows down they forget almost fully about the core players.

ma1asiah1933d ago

Adding to the whole drama concerning used games.

Let me leave this for everybody to ponder on.

You are all quite happy for Gamestop, EB games etc to make a profit from selling a game over and over BUT you are not happy that the developer who pretty much sweated blood to make the game should make a profit from the resale of the game

Yet as a consumer we also demand better and bigger gaming experiences while all the time putting more money in Gamestop or EB games wallets from the sale of used games as opposed to buying new and supporting the hard working developers.

Do you think Gamestop or EB games etc are going to give you triple A gaming experiences that they made themselves, if developers can no longer afford to give consumers this themselves.....Yeah I didn't think so.

Because under the current business model with consoles (not PC), developers loose, Gamestop, EB games etc win and sooner or later if this continues so we the consumer will loose also.

OrangePowerz1933d ago


In that case they should try to makea deal with the retailers or make digital games cheaper compared to the disc version. The approach MS wanted to take isn't a solution, it was a slap in the face of all the people that buy games new, people that like to lend games to friends and people that like to sell/buy games on ebay. The same BS DRM that is a slap in the face of all PC gamers that some companies tried to enforce like UbiSoft with AC that didnt stop anybody from pirating.

Also I don't think used game sales has the huge impact some companies want us to believe because it's around for a long time but now suddenly it's killing companies when it's there since ages?

abc12331933d ago

@ma1asiah: The content on a DVD/Blu-ray movie doesn't degrade through wear and tear. The content on music CDs doesn't degrade through wear and tear. Why aren't the production companies lining up to claim back money on second-hand sales of these discs? Since the downloadable content itself is priced so competitively, relatively few people buy second-hand copies of the physical discs compared to games, I don't see why publishers think they're entitled to profiting over a single physical disc sale multiple times when they fail to offer any other worthwhile alternatives.

Bimkoblerutso1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Look, I'm sorry about development houses being closed down. I really am. But the SOLE reason they are being closed is because publishers are trying to profit at the cost of consumer rights. You would have to be naive or a hardcore brand loyalist to think that any company is ever truly looking out for the consumer. Basically, in the world of big business, if it seems like you are being taken advantage are.

And just for the record, I am ALL FOR developers getting more money and staying open, but the reality of the situation is that DRM and digital media is giving publishers ALL the power. It gives them an unprecedented level of control over every...single...aspect....of the industry. And in case you haven't noticed, publishers are just as willing to screw developers as they are to screw consumers. If they are allowed to get away with it, they will do it EVERY DAMN TIME. I guarantee it.

And that's the real issue here: consumers and developers that are willing to let publishers get away with crap like this.

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dedicatedtogamers1934d ago

Over the last 20 yeats I've been a PC gamer, so I know a thing or two about how Microsoft behaves. I saw Xbox One's DRM coming from a mile away after watching how Microsoft locked features behind the XBL Gold paywall and how they handled Games for Windows Live. Before the reveal I knew they were going for the all-in-one media route. It has been their goal since the beginning to "take over the living room" by any means necessary, and since doing that with hardcore gaming isn't cutting the mustard, they've (obviously) moved on to other tactics.

Yes, I confess, I am one of those tinfoil hatters who said years ago "be warned: Microsoft is cancer to any industry that they touch" and people mocked people like me. And yet, I was vindicated on June 7th when Microsoft published their now-defunct DRM and online-required policies for the Xbox One.

MariaHelFutura1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Someone doesn't know the difference between a myth and a fact.

I'll give you an example.

Myth - Cloud computing will make the Xbox One 4x more powerful.

Fact - The PS4 is technically better than the Xbox One.

Fact - Microsoft has never outsold a Playstation console, even w/ a year head start.

Mystogan1934d ago

Uhm noh.

They outsold the PS3.

77.2 million For 360 as of march 2013.

And 75 million for PS3 as of February 2013

The 78 million is an estimate. I don't see how they would reach it when the last official number was 75 million in February when the holiday season is long behind us. And also they couldn't have outsold the 360 as sales would have to be slowing down for it. Which it hasn't. The 360 kept outselling the PS3 month after month. Common sense says they couldn't have caught up.

Gimmemorebubblez1934d ago

Your thinking of the US.

ma1asiah1933d ago

Fact - The PS4 is technically better than the Xbox One.


"The final hardware for the Xbox One will increase the embedded memory bandwidth to as much as 192GB/s, an increase of 88 percent"

As much as people want to think that they have already gone into production (both the PS4 and X1) The internet seems to say otherwise.

At the moment it is like a game of poke, neither party wishes to show all their cards to early especially MS at present.

If I was a betting man I would say there is still surprises in store still to be revealed between now and launch but hey that is just my opinion.

Anon19741933d ago

Mystogram said "The 360 kept outselling the PS3 month after month."

Yeah, check those numbers again. The PS3 has handily outsold the 360 by millions ever since it was released. This isn't a secret. The numbers from each company are out there.

The only reason there's any confusion is due to Sony's recent reorg where they started bundling similar electronics products together, grouping PS3 sales with the now discontinued PS2.

But of course you know this. There's no reason to doubt the IDC's report that pegged the PS3 at 78 million as of the end of March. The "over 75 million" number would have been from the end of the previous quarter ending Dec 31.

And even if we used your numbers and pretended that they were from the same period, considering the Xbox 360 was once nearly 9 million ahead of the PS3, it still proves the PS3 has been consistently outselling the 360 in order to close that gap at all. If the 360 had been outselling every single month, wouldn't that gap be bigger, not smaller? Use your head.

n4rc1933d ago

Yeah no.. Keep spewing more fanboy bullshit.. Try data with actually sources that aren't blatant fan sites..

Ps3 is in last place worldwide.. But ignore and dislike like you twerps always do Lol.. Doesn't change the truth

gravv1933d ago


lol wikipedia as source :D


here's from your own link

'75.9 million for the 360 as of March and 75 million even for the PS3 as of December'

3rd60, now both of you can cry in the corner of your parent's basement nerds

Anon19741933d ago

@ gravv. You hit it right on the nose. These kids don't even know how to read their own sources. The IDC, one of the leading market research firms specializing in technology with over 1000 marketing analysts across the globe and 50 years of experience stated the PS3 was ahead of the 360 by a million 3 months ago.

These are the same guys who ignore that Sony reported combined PS2/PS3 numbers of 3.4 million in the quarter they're ignoring from Jan-Mar, a 36% increase in the combined figures from the same quarter year over year even though the PS2 was discontinued in Dec of last year. So what's the 75 million number from Dec plus the 3.4 million figure from Jan-March? According to IDG, and math, that number is over 78 million as of March and the gap is just getting wider.

We've had over 7 years of the PS3 outselling the 360 worldwide, what did they think was going to happen? It's not like it was a huge secret, and yet some just can't wrap their head around the fact that the almost 9 million lead the 360 enjoyed after the holiday season of '06 is gone.

Numbers can't hurt you. Just accept and move on.

n4rc1933d ago

Guess you don't know how to count or read eh gravv? Lol

75.9m is bigger then 75m... I'm not a witch Lol

But just insult and ignore he facts like you guys always do

Anon19741933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@ n4rc. Really? You're really taking a shot at gravv for his comprehension skills?

Let's try this again for you.

One number is from the end of Dec.
One number is from the end of March.

There is a 3 month gap your conveniently ignoring while accusing others of ignoring facts. Your own article states the dates it's using.

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Godmars2901934d ago

There is no myth: MS did indeed intend to "screw" gamers. Exclude them with the 24 hour internet login requirement.

What's worse is that they didn't and likely still don't realize it. Or worse did and don't care.

Anon19741934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I just don't understand how people are still defending this. Microsoft wanted to take a product that you purchased and dictate to you what you could do with that physical product. Want to lend it to a friend? No way. Want to sell it? Microsoft decides to who and how. Want to even give it away to someone? Again, you tell us who and we'll let you know if it's ok - and then you can only do it once and the other person doesn't have any say in what he does with the product after.

How on earth can people defend this? Arguing that "Oh, but publisher/devs don't get any money from used game sales," so what? Car makers don't receive money from used car sales either and it didn't destroy the industry.

This isn't about pubs/devs making money. If they produce a great game, they'll get paid. This was all about consumer rights to a product they've purchased and legally own. Even with the whole "oh, but you only own the license" you still paid money for that license and should be able to transfer it to someone else. In Europe, the courts came to this exact conclusion.

What MS saw was a huge, used game market and they thought "How can we take that over?" The scheme was to cut out used game retailers, or only retailers that kick back to them, or to allow a digital system for trading games that, of course, Microsoft would control and receive fees from. Customers revolted at the idea of having the rights to a product they legally purchased overly restricted to line Microsoft's pockets, and rightly so.

The used game market isn't why developers close down. Sites need to stop spreading this nonsense that screwing over the consumer is the only way devs can survive. There isn't a single developer out there that went tits up that moaned "If only used games hadn't killed our studio." The reason is because used games isn't the problem.

I can't stand these corporate apologists that still maintain Microsoft had some cure all for the industry up their sleeve, and we, the ungrateful, slapped it away. This was never about the publishers/devs. They're the ones stepping up saying "We never asked for this." Even EA was backing away from DRM after backlash from their fans.

Godmars2901934d ago

What's really bad is how MS have ruined the whole concept of what a game console is suppose to be. How its gone from being an ease of access device to a dumbed down PC which has none of the advantages with all and more of the problems.

Gimmemorebubblez1934d ago

Its not a myth. MS already profited much more than their competitors. XBLG has made the monetary equivalent of another 40 million Xbox 360's consoles. MS wanted to force GOLD down everyones throats then add numerous restrictions that in the end help MS increase their profit margins. Now here comes the key difference between Sony and MS; the Xbox Division has been under pressure, despite all the effort put in the division barely makes up 9% of MS's revenue. Investors have been wondering for years if its worth it. The Xbox division is NOT a key business in MS's portfolio and is treated as such, and but that I mean that MS does not care about their fanbase instead they want to try take as much money from their consumers so they can prove to their investors that they should keep the division running. Sony on the other hand would probably no longer be in the consumer electronics business if it wasn't for Playstation. Playstation is essential to Sony's well being, so the execs at Sony know that they should pay VERY careful attention to their consumers and it has shown. MS has changed their policies and has taken out the cheque book and created great games for the Xbox One but you can still see the greed behind the $499 price tag. Many people draw comparisons to the Ps3's $599 price tag but unlike the Xbox One, Sony was taking a massive financial loss on every Ps3 console sold but I can guarantee that MS is profiting on the Xbox One quite heavily and lets not forget the weaker innards in the Xbone compared to the Ps4.

Also the amount of times MS has fooled consumers is laughable from RRod, dropping support of the OG Xbox and dropping support of a steady stream hardcore exclusive titles in 2010 from the Xbox 360 and then trying to get us to buy their DRM'ed Xbone.........I mean c'mmon, fool me once again twice but seriously I don't know how people can count on Microsoft.

Brand loyalty is earned and right now I believe MS has done the least to treat me as a consumer well instead Sony and Valve have done that for me. I will support those brands until they do something to upset me and who knows maybe MS will really impress me one day and prove that they have my best interest as a consumer. However right now I will not buy an Xbone because other companies are making better offers and thats the joy of competition, if you want the Xbox One to be the best it can possibly be than vote with your wallet make MS fight hard to earn your hard earned cash.

Mystogan1934d ago

Way to jump on the hate-train godmars290.

Maddens Raiders1934d ago

Someone cheering on DRM in a condescending article, written in a bargain basement website just to tell me that, "none of them KNEW why they were mad.." can only mean one thing:

This is perfectly written fanboy garbage. Do not click, do not approve.

abc12331934d ago

"So the consumer saved five dollars, Gamestop made a $55 profit, and the developer got absolutely none of that.

So who’s being selfish here? Microsoft or the consumer? I can’t tell you what to think, but you obviously know what I think."

The ones being selfish are the developers/publishers/MS who for some reason think it is their God-given right to profit from a single sale multiple times when it is unheard of in pretty much any other industry.

Root1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

DRM is bad, no matter what way you look at it. We're not in this always connected age yet and even if we were not every will still want to be always online.

Honestly, whats not to get ?

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