4 ways Ouya lets consumers down

VB - Ouya enjoys a place as the underdog champion of independent gaming, but time spent with the console's retail model suggests its users don't get as much love as its developers.

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MikeyDucati11935d ago

One thing this article mentions that I was concerned with from the very beginning, that the games were too short or could be found on another device without making the Ouya purchase. But that's on indie department and if those guys continue to support the system.

I can deal with that to a certain degree.

But that thing about the credit card is really scary-that takes the cake for me. Still, I would like to see Ouya grow. The author said it best, we love rooting for the little guy standing up against the big guy.

rdgneoz31935d ago

Yep, remove the credit card requirement and fix the controller lag, and you'd have more people lining up.

1935d ago
madpuppy1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

CONTROLLER LAG!?!?!?! that is a bigger deal to me than the credit card requirement. controller lag is a fundamental flaw in the usability of the unit and a deal breaker.

It should not even ship with a problem like that until it is hashed out.

V0LT1935d ago

Agree. Mine suffers from lag and if I ran that company there is no way it would ship like this.

boybato1935d ago

Hopefully things gets sorted out through software updates.
Can't imagine though that there's LAG. lol

SegaSaturn6691935d ago

Well it looks like the technical design is also shoddy: it breaks easily and the analogs have atrocious dead zoning.

Controllers really need to take a beating and that's something I don't think they researched enough before launching.

worldwidegaming1935d ago

They went with the cheapest hardware parts as they could find. In the end you are left with lag that software programming can not simply fix (This is just speculation.)

Making the Ouya and then making a controller for the it are two different things.

in the end its about saving and making money.