GamesRadar: 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand Preview

GamesRadar writes: "The invite to go and see the new 50 Cent game, Blood on the Sand, was greeted with a mix of disinterest and disdain in the GamesRadar office. The first Fiddy game - Bulletproof - was pretty terrible, amounting to little more than an exercise in cynically shallow fan service. However, 10 minutes into being shown 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand by developer Swordfish Studios (who thankfully had nothing to do with the previous game) we got the strangest feeling that this self-proclaimed 'long awaited' sequel might actually be, well, a pretty decent arcade shooter.

While the storyline set-up is beyond the realms of stupid, we can't help but admire it for being so utterly preposterous. An abridged version of the plot goes something like this: 50 Cent and the G Unit play a sell out gig in some fictional war torn country. They get stiffed for the money. They grab their pieces and go big time Rambo. It's a crudely fashioned excuse for 50 Cent's predicament, but this is never going to be a game played for its sparkling narrative anyway."

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captainpwn4246d ago

Blood in the Sand looks so bad ass.

June - Lock and Load album
September- Before I self destruct album
October - Blood in the sand

timmyp534246d ago

on the Unreal Engine. Lets see if the game is actually good though b4 we judge by graphics. =)

Lekumkee4246d ago

If there was ever a product that embodies that rappers these days are full of sh*t, it would take form of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand.