Next-Generation Consoles Priced But How Will this Impact Gamers’ Choices?

I wrote this on the 14 June. Since then, Microsoft has made several u-turns. My opinion still stands the same but I want to hear what you think.

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dedicatedtogamers1932d ago

$399 for Call of Duty vs $499
$399 for BF4 vs $499
$399 for "buy the camera if you want" vs $499 for "camera required and if it breaks, goodbye functionality"
$399 for Netflix, Hulu, f2p games, etc not behind a paywall vs $499 for Gold-required for those same things
$399 for "we're going to take care of gamers first and worry about the rest later" vs $499 for "all-in-one TvTvSports device!"
$50 for online and free games every month vs $60 for online

LaFleur1932d ago

I could not agree anymore with you. Very witty comparisons may I say! Hah

abzdine1931d ago

i dont choose my machines by prices but by games and expectations, that's one of the reasons i bought PS3 over 360 for example, and Gamecube over Xbox.
Now i know how high Sony game's quality standard is, so it will be PS4 without a doubt. more powerful, looks sexy, very small, no power brick and it costs 399$ so that's a bonus for me over the other points

MikeMyers1931d ago

"$50 for online and free games every month vs $60 for online"

And yet Xbox Live members continued to grow each year when Sony's online multiplayer was free. The PS3 was also $200 more than the Xbox 360 yet it outsold that system every year but 2011 worldwide. However Sony also lost a major portion of their marketshare while Microsoft gained. So we have no idea what will transpire once the new systems come out. Right now the PS4 seems to be getting more positive responses but things could change in the future. One thing that needs to be noted is the forums do not represent average Joe consumers. If the forums did the Vita would have sold better and Call of Duty would have sold a lot worse each year.

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

"So we have no idea what will transpire once the new systems come out."

100% true. Every new gen hits the reset button. Nintendo dominated with the Wii-U. Look what happened. Sony dominated with the PS2. Look what happened. Microsoft dominated with the 360. Look at what is happening now.

I'm seeing many of the same excuses that were made for Sony being made for Microsoft right now. "Sony has the brand loyalty. That's why PS3 will sell better. Sony's system has more features. That's why PS3 will sell better."

We saw this 7 years ago. We saw how it played it, and it will play out the same way again, like it always has.

Sure, ANYthing can happen but that doesn't mean we cannot make educated guesses.

"Things could change in the future"
Or they could stay the same. Momentum tends to keep going. No one thought the Wii would be sold out for a year straight, let alone two years straight, and no one thought it would sell out again in 2009 when NSMB came out.

Things COULD change for Microsoft and things COULD become terrible for Sony, but the momentum - right now - is incredibly lopsided in Sony's favor. It's identical to what happened with the PS3/360 launch: Microsoft had a ton of things go right for them, and Sony made a lot of big mistakes upon which Microsoft capitalized. We all know the result. Right now, Microsoft is making a ton of mistakes and Sony is capitalizing on them. It's not difficult to imagine that it will result in an increase for Sony.

_FantasmA_1931d ago

Xbox Live was pretty much required, so you can't use the arguement that its userbase kept growing. Its like if the governments all over the world stopped running water through pipes and started bottling it up. We need water to survivie so while a gun isn't pointing at our faces telling us to buy water, we really don't have a choice and would buy the water in order to survive. Buying an Xbox and having half your game locked away and your Netflix really doesn't leave you a choice. Now if Live was not required to play online and there were still millions signing up and giving away their money to M$, then you could say something.

Foxgod1931d ago

But you do keep the games you got free from live, even after cancelling gold.
On Psn however, dont pay you subscription, and you lose all your free stuff.

CRAIG6671931d ago

"camera required and if it breaks, goodbye functionality"

- That's just stupid,retarded even.


Bathyj1931d ago

so if the camera breaks you can still play it?
honest question.

Foxgod1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

You shouldnt wonder if you can still play if it breaks, you should wonder, what are the odds it breaks.

The odds are not that big.

Exactly, plenty of things can fail.
And while i am amazed with the small size of the ps4, i am wondering about the air flow, hope for sony fans that the ps4 will be as sturdy as the ps3 was.

No_Limit1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

What if the Blu Ray disc drive break, the power circuit? The list goes on and on. I haven't heard any story regarding people with broken Kinect 1.0, so this should be of little concern.

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

@ foxgod

"what are the odds it breaks. The odds are not that big"

I may be mistaken, but Kinect 2.0 has its own dedicated processing unit and even a cooling fan in the back. The thing clearly generates some heat.

And you're acting as though this sort of thing never happened:

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I_am_Batman1932d ago

It definately will have an impact on a lot of people. I probably would choose the PS4 over the Xbox One even if the prices would be the other way around. But since the PS4 is even cheaper than the Xbox One it's pretty much a no-brainer for me.

Sony is a much more trustworthy company when it comes to supporting the Hardcore gamer. With the Xbox One I would always have the fear that MS could drop the hardcore support along with the price at some point. Another important thing for me is the indie support.

LaFleur1932d ago

I defiantly agree with you on Indie. I love the support out the developers and also the stuff they produce!

No_Limit1931d ago

Xbox 1 = $500
Live membership = $35 at Amazon for 12 months
Forza 5 = $60
Killer Instinct = $60
Ryse = $60
Dead Rising 3 = $60
Battlefield 4 = $60
NBA 2k14 = $60

The chance to play these games and enjoying myself = Priceless

Bathyj1931d ago

it's 550 vs 600 in Australia but I can honestly say the price had no bearing at all on my decision. it was just a bonus.

Foxgod1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Thats like a 20 euro difference, you guys in Australia get a good deal on the X1, or is the ps4 too expensive over there?

The difference is 100 euro's here, but cost in Us dollars is always the same in Euro's, because US dollar prices do not include taxes, and Euro prices do.

Bathyj1931d ago

well normally we get hosed on everything here. games retail for anywhere from 80 to 100 bucks even though our dollar is pretty close to the greenback. it was even higher at one point. so a 550 ps4 while high, is still probably normal for us.

I think the Xbone is cheaper here for some reason. I wish ps4 was 500 but it doesn't really matter. not gonna quibble over fifty dollars.

Foxgod1931d ago

I think the price of both consoles is good enough to justify buying either of them for the games i personally prefer.

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