Killer is Dead Shows Premium Edition Content, Sexy Lingerie, and Jessica Nigri in a Golden Bikini

Kadokawa Games released today some more info an screenshots about the Japanese free Premum Edition of Killer is Dead, that gamers in Europe and North America will also be able to enjoy in different forms courtesy of Deep Silver and XSeed Games.

In addition to that two videos have also been published.

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Smashbro291936d ago

Check out this original game that can be marketed with nothing but game footage and look badass.


Abriael1936d ago

Do you have anything against boobies?

The game itself is strongly themed after that kind of content.

CrossingEden1936d ago

I have a girlfriend, i don't need anime girl fanservice, its 2013

ziggurcat1936d ago

@ CrossingEden:

but... but... golden bikini...

Abriael1936d ago

@CrossingEden: does the fact that you don't need it mean it's bad?

Mind you, if you don't want fanservice, this game really isn't for you. It has a whole mode built on it.

Smashbro291936d ago

Nothing against them it just seems to have very little to do with the game. It definitely makes me feel dirty watching it.

Abriael1936d ago

@Smashbro29: have you even researched about the game? There's a whole mode based exclusively on seducing ladies and watching them with X-ray glasses.

It has a LOT to do with the game :D

Fluke_Skywalker1936d ago

@crossingeden, you may think that now, but once you're married trust me, you'll need the anime girl fanservice.

NihonjinChick1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

@CrossingEden, don't ever go to Japan. You would hate it there.

YNWA961936d ago

@ Crossing eden, you got 6 disagrees, but it will be more when the rest finish plumbing...

Bimkoblerutso1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )


I know that's the picture the gaming/anime industry has painted of Japan here in America, but having visited on more than one occasion, I can sadly report that the ratio of skanky looking women to normal looking ones is much more skewed towards normal looking, much more than it is here in America, I can tell you that.

And to tell the truth, the "Otaku" culture in general is not nearly as prevalent as any of our American media suggests it is.

fsfsxii1936d ago

Everybody ignore CrossingEden
He hates anything japan related, literally anything to do with japan

Inception1936d ago

I don't have a girlfriend but i loved real boobies and anime boobies. It's for my spiritual serenity ^^

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sarshelyam1936d ago

Soooooooooo...buying the game, I don't care to watch anything on it, but with these lovelies, how could I resist? Besides, I love the spectacle of Suda's campaigns.

JasonBloodbourne1936d ago

Nigri needs to get her bags out!

level 3601936d ago

Hot! hot! hot!

Would be nice to see this game be made into a series of anime shorts or something.

Cryptcuzz1936d ago

I can look at Jessica Nigri all day :)

Does she really know how to speak Japanese?

fsfsxii1936d ago

Judging from her past videos in KID TV, i think she's great

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