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"The first thing I need to say about The Last of Us is that you shouldn’t be reading a review of it. I know that’s not a very compelling argument for my writing, but really this is a game you should be avoiding like hell on Google searches. You don’t want any aspect of the story spoiled. There are enough emotional twists here to leave you bleeding on the floor, and I’m going to tread carefully in this review so as to avoid revealing anything, while trying to impress upon you the power of the game’s narrative."

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Walker1958d ago

This site gave Uncharted 3 4 out of 10 lol !

Xof1958d ago


I can see giving Uncharted 3 a 4/10 and TLoU a 10. One game is very clearly much, much better than the other.

TongkatAli1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Uncharted 3 a 4/10 Rigggghhhtttt!

Ezz20131958d ago

that was tom chick
not the same editor here

Williamson1958d ago

Awesome game and now I wait for the story dlc.

ceballos77mx1958d ago

Me too, I want to see the story of Ish and how his story ended, that would be a cool dlc side story.

VsAssassin1957d ago

Yeah, I want to know more about Ish. I don't really need to play as Ish, but probably have a sidestory that would have Joel and Ellie finally encounter Ish.

RM-TatoTiburon1958d ago

that's a honest review...i miss ellie and joel :(

Hazmat131958d ago

played it 2 times on my third before my friend wanted to borrow it. now im bored all games seem boring.... i must get my game back.

mt1957d ago

I went to play batman AC after playing The last of us. I don't know why the hell I sold red dead redemption, boy i Must was so broke to sell it.

mayberry1958d ago

Its good that it is getting great reviews. Also is selling great too!

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