Does Perspective Affect Storytelling in Games?

Hardcore Gamer: The beauty of the third-person perspective alongside the heavy use of cinematics in The Last of Us is that it allows players to experience what Joel experiences while allowing them to distance themselves from him. Infinite's strict first-person perspective grants players the ability to fully immerse themselves in the story it tells, and lets them feel like the heroic protagonist.

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Canary1933d ago

Perspective alters storytelling in every medium. What is this, a 6th grade English class?

pixelsword1933d ago

The cause and effect of summer vacation.

theDECAY1933d ago

I feel like TLOU ruined Infinite for me a little. When I played Infinite I was like, "wow, that was a great game. The gameplay needs some work, but what a great story that I think makes sense in my head." Then I played TLOU, and to me, every part about it was done better than Infinite.

Wni01933d ago

Bioshock had gameplay? Other than shooting people in the face?

Ezz20131933d ago

TLOU Ruined every game to me

and what funny i found out that i'm not the only who feel that
i found tons of topics every where ppl saying the same thing

xBigxBossx1933d ago

It seems the author personally just gets more immersed in FPS rather then TPS.

Kingnichendrix1933d ago

No a good game IS a good game