COD4: Map Pack Not Delayed

FourZeroTwo Writes: Despite what the internet might tell you (including some "official" sources), the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare variety map pack has NOT been delayed until the 10th.

As of right now we're pushing certification for an on-time release for April 3rd or 4th. As of right now though, I'm being told that it's a good chance it will be released worldwide (except for Japan) tomorrow night / early-Friday morning.

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Fishy Fingers4483d ago

Whaaaa? So some of the news on the internet is lies??? Noooo....

joydestroy4483d ago

score! too bad i'll be at the beach on friday though :(

Area_514483d ago

IW can shove those maps up Daddy Bill's A$$, Big Daddys way of winning the next Gen race is "and who do I make this check out to"

Jon Cage4483d ago

I am going to be off this friday and I was bummed when I heard the maps were to be delayed. Don't you just love it when things go your way?

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