Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

Sonic The Hedgehog is expected to ship on multiple platforms in conjunction with the character's 15th anniversary in 2006. The game will be developed under the direction of Yuji Naka, award-winning developer known for creating the hugely successful SEGA franchise.

With an innovative combination of art, physics and game design, SEGA and Mr. Naka expect to create the most intense sensation of speed ever experienced in videogames. SEGA hopes the reinvention of this popular franchise will thrill both the long-time Sonic fans as well as a new generation of gamers with the exciting speed and action only possible on next-generation platforms.

Watch this new trailer of Sonic The Hedgehog made of cut scenes and gameplay footage.

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Yo Wassap4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

Again very pretty CGI clips and horrible in-game. It's the same as Shadow the Hedghog, fill the gaps with beautiful cutscenes and have the rest in muddy dull visuals. I definately wouldn't call this next gen, 'way to go' to celebrate the 15th anniversary.

I mean by now we shouldn't be seeing much of a difference between the CG and in-game in titles like this

The_Firestarter4469d ago

...was the smoke in the CGI, it was NICE lookin'. :P

shortyNZ4468d ago

i sooo want this to be a good game! but i know im going to be let down, sega get some propper quality controll or die...cos your games are starting to suck @rse

UndergroundMan4468d ago

This is my gift to you all. Wow, this is Sony's marketing scheme rolling out of the door. The President of EA said Sony was good at it, well they are. My purpose for telling this is not to stir wars but to excite people. Only the people buying a PS3 should watch it or them. No more waiting. Go to
click on the word smarter or capacity and be prepared to enjoy. Have fun guys like Jin, Dj, and many more Just go ALREADY.

The_Firestarter4468d ago

...that was cool! Thanks so much for sending me there! ^.^ I LOVED watching that sun flower bloom, it was amazing! I WANT A PS3, woot woot DMC4! >.<

D R Fz4468d ago

I'm making PLAYB3YOND.COM my homepage. That was simply spectacular. If you are a gamer, i recommend you visit that site because the experience is simply breathe taking. Thanks Underground.

Yo Wassap4468d ago

Wow thos videos were stunning, in one swoop they also hypnotized me into wanting to buy a PS3 as well. They made me feel happy, relaxed, almost as though i'm in safe hands. Then the word money popped into my head.

Phil Harrison4468d ago

A decent PS3 advert? Amazing.

I like it says "double the space" on Blu-ray yet grows dozens of flowers compared to the eight flowers of HD-DVD.

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darktangent4468d ago

I did not like the Sonic demo that hit the marketplace last month. Just like when Sega dropped the ball on the Full Auto demo, the Sonic demo took this from a must buy to a wait and see.