Final Fantasy VII Gets Released On Steam, Fans Not Happy

Released July 4th Last year, Square Enix finally gave all the fans a Final Fantasy VII HD version. Boasting better graphics, cloud saves, achievements and much more, Gamers flocked to their site to find that the game is exclusive only to their own SE platform. Knowing this information, Gamers still put their cash down and bought the game. Fast forward 12 months and we find Final Fantasy VII released on Steam. Good news for people who dont have the game, But what about the people that bought the game and supported the game just last year? see the response from a SE staff member regarding fans asking for a Steam key.

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Snookies121930d ago

Sweet, now we just need mods so that people can up the resolution and put in better character models lol.

zerocrossing1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Yep, a decent modding is probably as close to an FF-7 remake as we're likely get lol.

SilentNegotiator1930d ago

Haven't any fans taken up the challenge of a remake? I would be shocked if they hadn't.

BluEx6101930d ago

@silentnegotiator They released an Unreal Engine 3 fan made tech demo of FF VII remake. You can still download and play like one battle I think. It was pretty good, too bad it seems like it's never going to come out with the full remake.

christian hour1930d ago

Don't forget the music, the terrible music! I remember running home in excitement with my FF7 PC copy back in the day (Remember them massive cardboard boxes?!) praying it would run on my win 95 pc, I didn't care to check the spec I just wanted it.

Once I heard the horrible midi I turned it off and booted up the psone version :P

I would love to get this, even though I still have my physical PC copy, my psone copy and a digital copy on PSN, so hopefully someone fixes the music soon :)

Thats all I ask, Nobuo Uematsu's music was an integral part of the series and it's funny albeit coincidental how bad the series has become since his departure (and subsequently of course, Hironobu Sakguchi's departure... thank Glob for Mistwalker :) )

MWH1930d ago

a good sound card was necessary to get the most of the midi music. I had a Sound Blaster AWE Gold at that time and it was perfect for the game, with it I was able to hear the vocal version of One Winged Angel. my friends told me they only heard the musical version.

christian hour1930d ago

Regardless of sound card though, it still wasnt the same as how it sounded in the original psone version, and thats what I want to hear :)

Reibooi1929d ago

If music is your only problem with getting it then you don't have to worry. Someone on the Steam forums made a pack you can switch out the old music and use his new stuff. He used the OST to rip the samples so they actually sound better then the PSone version does since they are highly quality then what was on the disc back then.

But yeah it's on the steam forums and it's really easy to switch them. Took me about 15 seconds once I finished downloading.

XishikiX1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

there are, mods a lot with better textures and character models, better music, new shaders. Unless ofcourse you are being sarchastic, then my bad.

I bought it one on their site, I'm not mad. I bought world of goo on its site, and witcher from GOG and I can't activate them on steam. People are being irrational.

EPiCDiNGO1930d ago

I can understand why some would be angry and want the steam version over the SE copy they bought previously.

raiden-491930d ago

tbh it was bond to go on steam and people are just angry over there own hindsight.

Piegoose1930d ago

I don't see how it was bound to. The only Final Fantasy on Steam was that MMO one. Since they released it on their own store, I would actually see that as wanting to make 100% of the profits instead of having to share with Steam.

It's wasn't anything obvious at all. I wanted it on Steam years ago.

matgrowcott1930d ago


It had been in the Steam database for years, and started getting updates at around the same time as the Square version released, including logos.

Not an obvious indicator, but a fairly sure one.

Xof1929d ago

The steam version is exactly the same as the SE version, it's still got that stupid-ass Square-Enix Account DRM.

Unlimax1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I wonder Why they didn't do like what Capcom did with RE3 Gamecube port , The Pre-rendered backgrounds in the GC ver looks detailed and has more high quality !

Add to that , you can easily take those high quality Pre-rendered backgrounds from the GC ver and put it on PC for RE3 .. and that's why i'm wondering why Square didn't do that right now .. is it because THEY LOST THEIR DATA FOR FF7 TOO or just being lazy ?

christian hour1930d ago

I'd love them to do what they did with the RE1 remake on Gamecube :) Still consider that a great looking game, aged wonderfully if you ask me.

Would love a ff7 remake, but not a page for page remake, mix things around a bit and add in a little more like the RE1 remake :)

NihonjinChick1930d ago

Square said a remake would consume too much time and money. So, I wouldn't count on a remake of FF VII anytime soon.

SegataSanshiro1930d ago

Remake is my all-time fav Resident evil. it's just a masterpiece, the graphics and models are so high quality. I honestly don't know how they pulled those graphics on the GC.

christian hour1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I know, most games these days still don't have fully dynamic shadows or reflections yet they somehow pulled it off. They nailed the atmosphere, something they havent done with Resi since in my opinion.

If FF7 was to get similar treatment in a remake, I would love it. Anything else would just be a waste of time.

@SegataSanshiro Yeah, Square Enix are too much of a business now, they're no longer the game developers they once were as Squaresoft, the chances of ever seeing quality titles from them again is very slim, although there is still hope with KH3 and FFV13(15?.

The verdicts still out though as to whether they butcher those games or not like they've done with FF this gen.

helghast1021930d ago

Whoa, people getting upset over pretty much nothing, again, what's new?

Summons751930d ago

It's ff7 fans, they cry about everything and anything. The reason is they're so closed minded they can't comprehend anything beyond they first time they played the game or they're in such denial that their favorite (and only game in the universe) isn't acually as great as they claim because let's face was good but the sorry and characters were horrid.

Any this is the exact reason a ff7 remake shouldn't be made. The uberfans aka the first people screaming and throwing a fit for one will be the first to cry about one tiny thing that's changed.

Gardenia1930d ago

You must be someone who thinks FFXIII is a good game

papashango1930d ago

people that bash ff7 are the same people that go on and on about how ff6 is the best game in the series. It's one of those I played Final Fantasy before it was cool hipster trends.

solar1930d ago

@ papashango

hey i liked FF6 more :( i couldnt finish FF7. but im not a hipster :) plan on giving FF7 a go again.

Summons751930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Lol at the haters. Yes I did like ff6 more and ff8&9. I also did think 13 was good, not the best but fun and a nice adaptation to ff10's sphere grid and intense combat you actually had to think about but of course I saw the flaws. Ff7 started bad with the characters (your terrorist...because clearly I wanna play as horrible people). The story started good then fell apart at the end of disc one. After that it was whining and mother issues till the end. I do for it credit for great gameplay, music and extras. The game is good but its not "the best evar" like uberfans proclaim.

JoySticksFTW1930d ago


Whatever man...

FFVI was my favorite, but that does not mean PS1 and PS2 era FF's aren't brilliant also.

It was their sustained greatness through three platforms for me that made FF my favorite franchise at the time.

FFXII hit and I loved the battle system and adult group members (and even Vaan wasn't too bad, though I wished they focused on Basch as was rumored originally), but thought the story was weak.

Then FFXIII and XIV pushed me off the ledge.

Now my favorite series is MGS, with Uncharted, inFamous, and the Demon's/
Dark Souls games coming up fast.

Here's hoping FFXV is a return to the glory days.

smikey11231929d ago

I love how you generalize a group of people negatively. Then when you get it done to you they are "haters". That my friends is ignorance and hypacracy.

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Kamikaze1351930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I'm happy it's out for those who haven't gotten a chance to play it, but c'mon....MIDI audio? No higher res textures? I know this is a port and all, but all of the ports we've seen this gen have all had some sort of graphical enhancement.

They could have added new textures, new overworld models that match their battle models, maybe an updated script, updated special effects, etc. Nothing major and things they could have easily added. Hell, FFX/X-2 is getting a 30 minute ending exclusive to the remaster with new voice work.

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