UGO: Universe at War Xbox 360 Review

UGO writes: "When will developers figure out that real-time strategy games are going to need a drastic makeover if they're ever going to work in the console format? Every console-based RTS which hits store shelves bearing promises of a "new, innovative control scheme" is little more the a control scheme remix, just as ineffective as its predecessor when compared to the PC's superior (for RTSing) mouse+keyboard.

Enter Petroglyph's Universe at War: Earth Assault, published by Sega. Ported over to Xbox 360 from its original PC incarnation, the game carries over its three finely balanced, yet wholly different factions and cool unit designs which go along with them. Absent, of course, is the elegance of the PC's control scheme. That combined with the original game's own flaws makes Universe at War the very latest console-based RTS you absolutely, positively need to skip."

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GiantEnemyCrab3946d ago

While the rest of the industry has played this game and is praising the control scheme, even going as far to say this should be the standard for console RTS.

A C+ is just pure bullsh!t!