Call Of Duty Ghosts Netcode 'Very Similar' To Previous Games

NowGamer: We know that the engine for Call Of Duty: Ghosts is iterative rather than built from scratch - now we've learnt that the netcode for Call Of Duty: Ghosts will be 'very similar' to previous entries in the series.

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Majin-vegeta1985d ago

So another empty half your clip into your enemy only for them to turn around and kill you in 2-3 shots COD game??

HammadTheBeast1985d ago

So... no dedicated servers confirmed?

M-M1984d ago

Even if it did have dedicated servers, it still wouldn't be fixed. A lot of PC players complain about Black Ops 2 lag compensation even though they have dedicated servers.

PurpHerbison1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Don't forget about watching the killcam to have it show that you didn't shoot a single bullet.

SolidStoner1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

thats true.. also... Noob toobs?! :) remember them!?? COD is like made around them.. especially in Search & Destroy mode :)

and when you died, the kid is shouting on the mic like crazy, the best part you cant mute him, hes still joining and you cant see him... and when you finally found him he gets out and some other freak is starting to vomit on a mic...

I dont miss those days!!! :)

malokevi1984d ago

I think it's pretty clear that they will not be straying too far from the formula. This thing is coming out on current gen consoles too... is it not?

Kingnichendrix1984d ago

Oh god will it be horrible respawns such as behind or in front of people, someone getting a head shot after shooting me in the groin, bullets going round corners, retarded flinch?

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Vip3r1985d ago

Yeah, better netcode is going to be needed so players don't trip up over them 3D rocks.

Neixus1985d ago

tesselation doesn't changes the collision of the object.
Even though i don't like cod, tesselation is a pretty good feature, so stick to the dog and fish joke,please :)

DoctorXpro1984d ago

he was being sarcastic dummy

BaronVonRhett1980d ago

Tessellation isn't anything new... Same with the sub-d rendering... So... yeah...

imXify1985d ago

Why they just don't make it like.....CoD 4 ?

CerebralAssassin1984d ago

Because people would complain about it being the same game... kinda like they do now. Cod 4 came out almost 7 years ago. Would you really want a game identical to a 7 year old game?

Stealthypengui1984d ago

I thought that was every COD ?

imXify1984d ago

I was talking about the netcode. That's the topic here.

Allsystemgamer1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

But they've been doing that for 6 years now

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Baka-akaB1985d ago

Then it's not good enough ...

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