Five Games to Save PS Vita

PlayStation Vita isn't doing so hot in sales. These fives games could help the system bounce back.

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Xof1933d ago

No one game or set of games will "save" the Vita, sadly. North America and Europe simply are not killer-app oriented markets. The only thing that will save the Vita is a steady stream of retail and digital content (though retail is more important) to demonstrate the platform's viability to consumers.

xxPillsxx1933d ago

Well Toukiden and Soul Sacrifice boosted the Vita's sales like hell in Japan and even topped the 3DS so we should keep up with new sequels of the current best games and we're fine!

Th4Freak1933d ago

Indeed but we're talking here about North America and Europe not Japan, SS sold +200k copies in Japan but it only sold around 90k in the West.

admiralvic1933d ago

To be fair, the Vita got a price cut in Japan on Feb 28th and Soul Sacrifice released on March 7th, so I think it's safe to assume the price drop played a big role in the sales back then. Can't say anything for Toukiden, but it probably just won over some of the Monster Hunter fans waiting to upgrade, but hadn't at that point.

tubers1933d ago

It's both.

Actually, it can take one or a set of games to seriously start things rolling.

Spiking sales will turn the heads of more and major publishers/devs.

Xof1933d ago

I'm not sure I can think of any handheld games that would qualify as 'killer apps' in the Western markets, except maybe Pokemon. But I'm not sure Pokemon is as popular now as it used to be.

sherimae24131933d ago

if this games are announced for vita, only if

-GTA vita
-Infamous Vita
-God of war vita
-mass effect vita
-fallout vita
-battlefield vita

im sure most western gamers will go gaga and buy vita right of the bat, because if you ask me these are the type of games why people buy their vita in the first place, "console like games on a handheld" isnt it

heck even a port of demon/dark souls will make others go mental and buy a vita for it lol

b_one1933d ago

Demon Souls 2 Vita Edition.?

horror_spooky1933d ago

That might do it in Japan...but this article is more focused toward Western markets

b_one1933d ago

in US and EU too, many fans over the world.

Th4Freak1933d ago

@b_one Yeah, compare Demon Soul sales to CoD or AC sales. It doesn't matter how many fans are in the world it will never be a best seller as shooting games are in the west.

TwilightSparkle1933d ago

I finally traded mind in for a ps3

TongkatAli1933d ago

Mistake! The right choice would have been have both : )

TwilightSparkle1933d ago

Your right I just found out that a hack ps3 can play on vita , so im going to get it back next friday, thank for setting me straight.

wtfbbq81933d ago

I know vita is great and would love a vita but why would I buy one now knowing there is gonna be a price drop. People who wait will always get better deals.

tubers1933d ago

That's true.

But to others, instant gratification is worth it.

worldwidegaming1933d ago

exclusives are already being made in Japan. Once companies stop making games for the psp the vita will get love. Until then we wait with baited breath.

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The story is too old to be commented.