Would You Buy An Elder Scrolls Online Beta Key?

Another wave of beta invites were sent today and millions of disappointed Elder Scrolls fans scanned their spam inbox on all the accounts they signed up with. Come on, we all know you signed up more than once. A conversation sparked on a website I frequent posing the question, would you buy an Elder Scrolls Online beta key? Buying, selling and trading early access to games is big business and there are a number of sites that serve this single purpose, but is it something you would consider doing?

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zeal0us1936d ago

I would but 5-10bucks would be the most I would pay for it. I'm not about throw a large amount of $$$ thats guarantee to release next year.

PopRocks3591934d ago

Maybe a dollar or two, but not much more. I'm not largely involved in the Elder Scrolls franchise. A relative of mine who is a very big fan however would probably down $30 for it if given the chance.

nick901934d ago

$5 sure - any more..? Nah I'm fine thanks.

CaptainCamper1934d ago

I've seen 1 sell for $100 :s

Adronicus1934d ago

I'd pay for early beta access. How much would I pay? Hard to say. I probably would go $10-25 for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.