The Last of Us and Grading on the Gender Curve

GameSpot: "The Last of Us tells its story well, but that story is yet another take on the all-too-common tale of a violent, brooding male hero whose character development is fueled by the violent deaths of women."

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Walker1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Let's face it, we live in a f*cking male dominated society and all kinds of media is affected by it. If you want to have your core gaming experience as a woman, then go play something like Tomb Raider or Lollipop Chainsaw.

Btw, the writer of this article is a transexual. So, BEWARE!!

Thatguy-3101931d ago

Imo story is story no matter how it's tackled. The developer has a vision on how the narrative is told and one can't judge that. Yea there are games that have similar premises but The Last of Us tackles it differently and hits it out of the park. People need to just play games and judge it for what it's worth. Let's leave liberal discussions for the real world.

Philoctetes1931d ago

I'm not going to bother to give this site a hit, but ND does a nice job developing female characters. I doubt the author of this piece played through the Winter segment if he doesn't see Ellie as a strong character.

1930d ago
Hipflask1930d ago

Please people, can we leave the politics out of gaming!? For gods sake leave it alone. We just want to play a video game without being labelled a sexist, racist etc. This was a story about a man and girl's journey through post apocalyptic US and it was told beautifully. It also had some very central, strong female characters...Tess anyone? Just because the main playable character was not a woman...please spare me the sexist hyperbole. Next we'll have animal rights groups getting involved for digital animals hurt during the making of the game.