Dark Souls 2: “accessible” my bleeding aunt | VG247

VG247: "Dark Souls 2 directors Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura want to make the RPG easier to understand. But they certainly haven’t made it any easier to win."

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sarcastoid2117d ago

I'm not real familiar with this series but... isn't that kind of going against what makes this game loved by its fans?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2117d ago

According to this guy, it was harder than Dark Souls and Demon Souls. Which is what fans want.

dedicatedtogamers2117d ago

People freaked out when FROM said they wanted to make Dark Souls accessible.

The thing is, accessible has never been a naughty word. Arcade games were accessible: Donkey Kong, Defender, and any shmup are incredibly accessible.

Bimkoblerutso2117d ago

Yeah, there is a distinct difference between making a game "accessible" and watering it down. Many pubs and devs just don't seem to understand that.

FROM seems to understand, though.

fermcr2117d ago

The best word to describe the games on this series is ... annoying.

The games are probably not hard, but very very annoying. Save points are abysmal. If you die, you have to repeat the same level all over again... die, repeat the same level all over again ... die, repeat the same level all over again... and so on. I also find the gameplay (characters movements) awkward.

Honestly, not my type of game. I get bored.

Summons752117d ago

You must have no patients. The whole point of the game is to learn from YOUR mistakes, you die it's you fault and you pay the price. It also auto saves like every 5 minutes so that point it mute. Physicals are wacky but what do you expect from havok engine? Not your game that's fine but its certainly not annoying.

Firan2117d ago

Actually Dark Souls has 'checkpoints' aka Bonfires. Dark Souls 2 will also have them.

allgamespc20122117d ago

hahahahahaha. man, i feel bad for you. Skyrim has auto save and 5 very passive ppl per town, might be down your alley, try it.

dark souls is considered to have the best animations of any action rpg in terms of combat. each weapon has its own animation, its own weight. In skyrim there are mods for rebalance cause its so unbalanced. Dark Souls is so perfectly balanced its scary.

Come back when you are a man.

seanpitt232116d ago

Iam just really upset this is out in 2014 and not on next gen :( but iam deffo getting it for ps3

thehitman2117d ago

Sigh another article based off an interview from another site... they dont even credit the original source.

noisemedia2117d ago

Great article. Dark Souls was amazing, even if Dark Souls II is only half as good it will still be worth it - for me at least.

darren_poolies2117d ago

Agreed, Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time, just more of the same would be good.

IGW_Fobia2117d ago

Some form of association between the idea of accessible and the universe of Dark Souls would be great.

From all we have seen, and have been told, Dark Souls 2 is just as hard as the original Dark Souls. So to make a game, possibly harder than Dark Souls, but make the world more understandable...I'm def all for that.