EA: Next Tablets Will Have Nearly PS3-Quality Graphics

IGN: "EA is taking mobile development seriously. In May, EA revealed that developers are working on Frostbite games for iOS and Android, aiming to 'bring true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms.'"

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Ginesis1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I knew this was coming sooner rather than later. Devs have been saying this for sometime now and that eventually they'll pass consoles. Now if more devs like EA and others would make real games for tablets.

nick3091936d ago

Most devs dont use the tablets full power,we keep getting cheap ugly games.

Anon19741935d ago

Most tablets are under powered and there's only so many ways to weed out the underpowered units which means you're developer to the lowest common denominator a lot of the time.

Our last mobile game runs happily above 60fps on my Galaxy SII (that's right, the SII) but brings the iPad 4 to it's knees by simply turning on 2x AA. Even without AA turned on, the game still struggles to hit 30fps due to the iPhone struggles with transparencies and other graphical shaders that other devices simply don't.

I was part of a panel with a developer who brought a major sports franchise to the iPad (I won't say which one) and his main take away was the iPads have these big, beautiful screens and not enough horsepower to run them efficiently.

That's been exactly the experience my team has had trying to bring anything 3d to the iPad (and even the iPhone 4 struggles to keep up). You want to know why all you see primarily is 2d, sprite based games. This is your reason. Mobile games are being held back by hardware decisions made by specific companies so devs have to dumb down their products or risk shrinking the market available for their game.

As for controls, touch screens are no more limiting than mouse input. In fact, not only do you still have the ability to point anywhere on your playing screen, but throw in onscreen buttons and gesture support and the touchscreen is by far a more advanced option for gamers then a mouse. The problem with touch screen input is either people are too closed minded to giving this method of input a fair shake or developers are doing it wrong, trying to mimic other game inputs poorly. Play The Walking Dead on iPad. Fantastic controls. Try Mass Effect Infiltrator or Nova. You'd be shocked at how well a fps can handle on a touch screen if the controls are done right.

TechnicianTed1935d ago

'As for controls, touch screens are no more limiting than mouse input.'

That's false. A decent mouse has far more control than any touch screen out there. The precision of a mouse is a night and day difference with touch screen, there's no comparison.

HammadTheBeast1935d ago

Yeaahhh.... nope.

I've played Modern Combat 4 on highest settings and it still looks like a PS2 game and the controls make me want to kill myself.

RGDubz1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Tablet/Touch screen gaming always has been & always will be for those casual gamers no matter how good the graphics are, get that old school touch screen tech away from my games. (lol @ people who think touch screen is a newer tech)

Also "near PS3 graphics" means the frostbite engine will run pretty bad as both frostbite 1 & 2 are locked @ 30fps/720p on PS3/360 and not really good for this-Gens hardware as is (especially when having jets in your game or making a racing game on the engine) not to mention running it on hardware slightly weaker.. Frostbite engines are only good on PC, maybe it will run better next-gen but why only 60fps/720p on PS4/One when it clearly should be 60fps/1080p I don't know.

mrbearbear1935d ago

I'll believe it when i see it.

ABizzel11934d ago

Well tablets like Surface Pro have significantly better tech in them -minus GPU (which is well below PS360), but it's $1,000 vs. a PS3 originally priced at $500 - $600, now priced at $250 - $350, so nothing to brag home about considering if you wanted a HD gaming experience the PS3 is still just as good and much cheaper, and for the money you're better off getting a gaming PC, or laptop if portability is your concern.

A good achievement, buy not mainstream right now.

ifritAlkhemyst1935d ago

Wouldn't doubt it, but what's the point?

Tablet games are almost all terrible. The only ones that have been of any quality were all throwback designs.

LordHiggens1935d ago

Why would you "game" on a tablet??????

rezzah1935d ago

I assume primarily casual gamers.

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