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Analog Addiction writes: "Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1 was one of the supreme experiences from last year, providing unforgettable moments, impressive character development, and some of the toughest decisions s a game has ever made me face. This narrative was presented over a 10 hour journey, allowing Telltale to establish their cast of characters and keep you invested in their well being. So when The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC was announced to include 5 different stories, following 5 different characters over the same length of time as one episode from the original series… I was worried."

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Soldierone1933d ago

Love the game, but don't see how this DLC warrants a 9/10.

It barely did anything, and every single time it was about to actually do something it ended.

Then somehow they all ended up together, which for some of the stories it made sense, while others if you chose certain options I don't see how that route made sense for them at all.

It was more of a filler episode to try and get details for the upcoming season, it should have been free for season pass holders.....

Jamiex661932d ago

I disagree, as I said in the review. If anyone it excited me for Season 2 and does offer great replayability.

Soldierone1932d ago

Yeah but thats all it did. It made you excited to see the next part, but hardly did anything leading up to it.

It was more like a demo than anything. Plus like I said, some decision made my character choose to stay with the groups they were in. The only one that really separated himself was the kid and the guy in the car.

Jamiex661931d ago

It didn't feel like a demo to me, felt like as I said, a collection of short stories. Was much better than I personally expected, but I can see what you mean man. I am not a huge fan of scoring reviews anyway, it is a great DLC that should be played, that's basically what my reviews means :P

Soldierone1931d ago

I didn't mean to target your review or anything either by the way. Saw it getting good scores like this, and this was just the one I spoke out on lol

Good review, I was just starting a conversation about the DLC score. Didn't mean anything bad by my comments.

Jamiex661931d ago

Haha nah man I didn't take any offence :P This is one of the best conversations I have had on one of my reviews through N4G. I appreciate the fact you read it and liked my review mate, thanks for the comments