Paranoid Android confirmed for Rocksmith 2014

There are certain songs that everyone wants in music games…

Certain songs that people have been requesting since plastic instruments hit the North American shores in 2005. Rocksmith has finally knocked one of the most requested alternative rock songs off the list by adding Radiohead’s Paranoid Android to Rocksmith 2014's setlist.

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Fishy Fingers1930d ago

This the first time Radiohead has feature on one of these games? Doesn't strike me as something they'd usually sign up to.

PirateThom1930d ago

No. They've been in other games but everything pre-In Rainbows is not under their control.

toymachinesh1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Radiohead had two songs on Rock Band:

Creep (on Rock Band 1)
My Iron Lung (DLC)

Two songs on Rocksmith 1:

High and Dry (on disc)
Bodysnatchers (DLC)

and for the hell of it, Lips had "Fake Plastic Trees"

LAWSON721929d ago

I thought paranoid android was just a android rom.

toymachinesh1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

are you attempting to make a smart phone emulation joke?