Will Microsoft Lure Cable Giants to Xbox One Before PlayStation 4 and Apple TV?

Xbox One will retail for $499 -- $400 more than an Apple TV. Why should consumers who don't care about gaming pay such a high price for an entertainment device?

Microsoft began to provide an answer when it announced that it had signed an unexpectedly large deal with Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC). For the first time ever, Time Warner Cable subscribers will be able to stream 300 live channels through an Xbox 360.

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MariaHelFutura1985d ago

Playstation will lure game developers w/ specs and sales before ever even considering TV. It's not like they ps4 couldn't do TV, they just don't want to cause it's stupid.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1985d ago

A bubble for you MariaHelfutura , one of the few people who talks sense and doesnt spout rubbish or spam like jokes-foxgod-georgenoob-greenp owerz.

buddymagoo1985d ago

Well considering Sony Pictures is one of the biggest movie studios and Sony create quite a few top TV series including Breaking Bad & community. Also Sony supply quite a lot of studios with their camera's as well as sports stations around the world.

So I think Sony have hold the better cards in regards to TV.

joeorc1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"Playstation will lure game developers w/ specs and sales before ever even considering TV. It's not like they ps4 couldn't do TV, they just don't want to cause it's stupid."

well its not really that stupid Per se, but i think Microsoft may be in for a real uphill battle in that arena, the smart TV will be @ the very large and market share advantage over Apple and anyone else trying to put a top set box as its main functionality to best the smart TV in an area where the smart TV has the advantage because with a smart TV you already have most of that functionality already built right into the TV.

Samsung for example back in 2012 CES

Now of course it comes down to software maturity, but Samsung is pefecting their software for their smart TV's like Microsoft is doing for their xboxone.

I really think Sony and Nintendo is concentrating on where the strength of the game console come's in where the game topset box is looking to use 2nd screen and trying not to make the topset box competeing on the smart tv screen's dictating what the terms of the contest is, and instead making the contest for the living room based on what a games console does best and that is gaming.

its not just your Money but Time spent and your family's time spent. That is what all three game console companies that make a game console are trying to do, make their console the most used entertainment device under your TV. the Problem for Microsoft i can see over what Nintendo and Sony are doing, is Microsoft is trying to beat a smart TV in usage functionality over what a smart TV already does quite well already. Its good for Microsoft to try this, but on the same token i think with all the smart TV companies making smart TV's they really have a very large hurdle to overcome.

nukeitall1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


lol! what?

The PS4 doesn't have the hardware for HDMI in which means the Xbox One has a feature the PS4 can never get. So no, the PS4 can't do TV the way Xbox One does. PS4 is relegated to IPTV only.

Have you all forgotten how Sony was all about TV with blu-ray?

Most people aren't "just gamers" that don't consume other media like you and poop hirai.

I'm going to love watching TV while gaming or waiting for a matchmaking match.


MS approach is more than just a crappy SmartTV. It is about interactive TV, not very slow and low quality experience with SmartTV.

The problem with most of the SmartTVs are the interface is horrible, the interaction is slow as heck, the result is often times low quality (Netflix video quality is terrible) and it isn't interactive.

MS got the right approach with Kinect and voice control, with easy, fast and fluid interaction.

macusa221985d ago

Lets be real man, are you going to try and watch tv while you in the middle of a game! Microsoft need to get rid of the cable box and they didn't. Why do I want 2 cable boxes that does the same thing.....I will just stick with these new smart tv and rumor is the new Apple TV is going to change the TV experence

joeorc1985d ago

"MS approach is more than just a crappy SmartTV. It is about interactive TV, not very slow and low quality experience with SmartTV"

when was the last time you used a smart TV?

Because they are far from slow and low quality.

another thing, while i said its good that microsoft is concentrating on TV interface for the xboxone, both Nintendo and Sony has taken the 2nd screen technology and are moving it forward.

So like Microsoft does with HDMI IN/OUT sony and Nintendo both have dedicated hardware inside their systems that Microsoft cannot do without a redesign also. so it works not only both ways that all three have something in their hardware that the other systems do not have but also which bring's me to may next point.

Many of the same people going and Saying Microsoft is being very innovative for all in one entertainment box lambasted Sony on what the PS3 was as an all in one entertainment box.

calling out other's for hypocrisy works both ways. Not saying you are , im saying other's for lambasting Sony doing with the PS3 and that Microsoft are doing with the xboxone this generation people are being very cross on each side, but are really not looking at this as a net + because all three are concentrating on strengths for each platform, now how those strengths pan out well we will not know.

sweendog1985d ago

I will also enjoy playing games and watching tv but with the addition of a spare $100 in my back pocket. I bet i can press source on my remote faster than you can wave your arms around

meatnormous1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Ps4 might have RVU tech built in. Basically you can have Direct Tv and have the PS4 act like a client on a system with a hr34 or hr44. It will be able to pull in all programming off those media server boxes. I know that is with only one provider, but Direct tv is the worlds largest provider. Please follow this link to see what I am talking about. . Some devices have it built in already.

Gamerchik871985d ago

I agree! The netflix app on my samsung blu ray player and tv are plagued with bugs the UI is horrible and slow while the 360 runs and looks alot better the k2 will just make this experience better

nukeitall1985d ago


While waiting for a matchmaking online, I would love to watch TV or play a single player game while I wait.

I could also keep tabs on the score or happening of a sports game while playing games.

There is plenty of uses for multitasking!


What second screen experience are you talking about?

MS has SmartGlass and it has been downloaded more than 17 million times. It exist on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. If anything, it seems MS is leading this.

However, that is hardly the same seamless experience.

"when was the last time you used a smart TV?"

I just bought a TV about 3-4 months ago, and was looking at SmartTVs, but all of them had pretty subpar experience. Heck, the salesman recommended me an AppleTV thing. I just ended using my Xbox 360 and buying an Apple TV thing for work.

"Many of the same people going and Saying Microsoft is being very innovative for all in one entertainment box lambasted Sony on what the PS3 was as an all in one entertainment box."

PS3 might have been a hardware engineering feat, but from a user standpoint there was hardly anything innovative about it. Blu-Ray? pft, HD-DVD works the same. What else is there to discuss?


RVU is still in it's infancy in terms of adoption despite being ratified back in 2009. The number of units certified as you have shown are handful or two. That said, the RVU protocol is nothing "tech built in", it is literally just software interfacing with your network port. Just about anything with processing power, a network port and connection to TV can take advantage of this with software.

However, DLNA never really took off, and RVU is just built on


Good for you!

However, I don't have to lift a finger and just have to speak it probably faster than you can find your remote. In addition, switching back and forth might mean you don't know when the game started staying idle and get booted out of the game!

Worse you get down rated by your teammates. Enjoy being matched with trolls next time!


Netflix (or similar apps) on external devices like AppleTV, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is consistently superior. SmartTV are terrible and serves to increase input lag.

Yup, that is why I ended up buying a non SmartTV!

cee7731985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


what does bluray have to do with cable tv?
while your at it why not compare dvd to it as well lol

Xbox 360 has no hdmi in yet it managed to become A cable box.

Wii U was the first to have HDMI in but its the best thing since sliced bread because microsoft added it right?

More people drop cable on A daily basis just off neflix and youtube alone. While xbmc is steadily gaining ground we can all watch live tv on tablets,phones,PC's, and android mini PC's for free might I add.

This cable on A console is nothing more than A gimmick to most were in A multitasking era where our smart devices have been able to do and excel in every department microsoft is trying to conquer there A gen too late with the cable crap

while I'll give it to microsoft for making deals with TWC(Time Warner Cable) because now it appears they removed the caps all of A sudden because it keeps customers.

But imo cable is crap theres never anything on you just pay $100+ dollars A month for reruns and old movies lol now if they transitioned everything to the internet tahts A different story

I guess XBMC will continue to show these multibillion dollar corps how its done

SpinalRemains1381984d ago

My Netflix has flawless video quality. Always HD and smooth.

Am I misunderstanding you, in that you're saying that smart tvs have slow access and a subsequent poor stream quality?

I use Netflix on PS and I love it. 4 years ago the video quality left a lot to be desired, but about 3 years ago they must have upgraded their servers because all the streams are super crisp.

nukeitall1984d ago


I can't say if it is the software or the hardware (i.e. the chip) on the SmartTV, but the video has more artifacts than on my crystal clear Xbox 360.

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MariaHelFutura1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

The PS3 was a media hub.

'It only does everything' remember?

So, welcome to 2006 (aside from the power bricks and AA batteries).

Thomper1985d ago

What's the problem with batteries??

When my ps4 controller dies, I either have to charge it, or plug in the short cable. When my 360 dies, I switch to either the play and charge pack, or slap a couple of duracells in.

I think it is convenient, and gives me choice

mkotechno1984d ago

What if you buy a larger cable one time instead of tons of batteries the rest of your life? Think about it.

P_Bomb1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The problem is playing a game and having a 'controller disconnected' message pop up constantly cuz the rumble in the controller shook the battery off the connector. I've had to disable rumble on both my 360 controllers at times on ME3.

I also refuse to spend more money on extra peripherals like a charge pack and stockpiles of Duracells that clutter when a simple free USB cord should suffice. I plug in my phone, laptop, camera, dualshocks, blutooth etc. I'll only break out the dusty AA's and tolerate rumble disconnects for exclusives like Forza Horizon, which I just downloaded for a sweet $14.99.

Nathaniel_Drake1985d ago

A huge thing Sony has on its side are Sony television, and Sony movie studios.

Thomper1985d ago

That could be a disadvantage. Microsoft are impartial in that respect, so have no interests to protect.

Says that I have the Sony trailers app on 360.... Which is....errr... Crap, actually

EXVirtual1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Thank you. You got dislike from Xbox fanboys I think. A lot of em have come recently, especially after they took out the DRM. Like I've said before, in 2-3 years the XB1 is just gonna get less games and/or some seriously watered down multiplats and Japanese devs especially will ditch it.

warewolfSS1985d ago

Thank you n4g analyst for your non biased gamer opinion

Cuzzo631985d ago

Really? Who cares!. We want games not cable. Gamers want games. Wats the point of running cable thru the system for a new interface all all this gimmicky stuff. I got basic cable. With Netflix and Redbox im watching all the movies thats on cable before it hits cable. I got the news. If I want politics or sports thats where google comes in at. I mean its just a push of a.... BUTTON!. Are we really that lazy that they come up with stuff like this and the fanboys eat it up like its a revolution. Will it materialize a cure for cancer and create a unlimited energy source? They should throw in a toaster add on peripheral also... Cable n pop tarts is one hellava combo.

rainslacker1985d ago

I don't think it's stupid to have added services. I wonder at the reasoning for MS paying for such a service though. Since this is live TV streams, seems the cable companies would welcome the chance to increase their viewership since they make money off ad revenue. OTOH, I know Time Warner will jump at any chance to make millions of dollars.

Otherwise it could possibly render the pass through HDMI overlay interface a redundant feature, as it could now all be handled directly on the Xbox, and conceivably the PS4, and likely the Wii U.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1985d ago

Most of this wont come to europe and come to think of it you can get apple tv and a ps4 for 500 so which you think is better?

nick3091985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

You do know not the whole world is based in eu and us right? Where i live ps4& X1 cost the same.... A 1000$ each, sony and ms do nothing for outside eu and us. Cant even rent shows, and such.

oscarcat591985d ago

First valid complaint I have seen on here.

YNWA961985d ago

That is not a nice thing to say about Sony, they honestly care about your situation.

The Meerkat1985d ago

Why would anyone want Apple TV?

I'd rather have an Amiga CD32.

mcstorm1985d ago

Now hang on there everyone should have an Amiga 32 it was an amazing console and I sill have mine lol. I go agree I don't see the point in Apple TV but I do think what Microsoft are doing in terms of TV is a good way of doing it.

They are not trying to take on the big names in terms of having there own channels but they are getting the big Names like Sky ect on board with them to help make the TV experience better and less complex. I have not used a one yet so I cant say it will be less complex but it looks it from what I have seen.

Also People on here have seemed to forget Sony made PlayTV for the PS3 which was a great idea at the time and worked well to.

Bennibop1985d ago

Play tv 2 will turn up at some point. Again Sony will make it an opt in rather than forcing it down your neck.

jaredhart1985d ago

They will because microsoft has a lot of influence and money. Their influence is more potent in the US. But, this will be primarily in the US.

Cuzzo631985d ago

Well we saw how they tried to influence DRM. I guess their money wasn't enough

Grown Folks Talk1985d ago

Gamers don't watch tv... allegedly.

YNWA961985d ago

Gamers dont't play games either, they just come here and whine about who has the bigger terraflop.

Grown Folks Talk1985d ago

True. I think my Atari 2600 had 1 milobyte of ram.

YNWA961985d ago

Impressive, they made games that kept you hooked for hours back then.... remember having ZX48k, and people with Commodore 64 bragged about an extra 16k!

Zichu1985d ago

I don't usually watch live TV anyway. I prefer to record my favorite series and watch them when I am not gaming. Either that or I watch it on demand.

This way I can spend my evenings playing games while my shows are being recorded and watch them early in the morning when I am not playing games.

pkb791985d ago

I'm a gamer and I love good tv. Have all my shows recorded though so I can skip the ads. And I don't find using the remote to switch inputs that big of a chore.

MysticStrummer1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"Gamers don't watch tv... allegedly."

I know I don't. I used to have cable and satellite TV at different times of my life, but I haven't had either one for about five years and I don't miss TV at all.

Older people in general, middle aged and up, still watch a lot of traditional TV. Younger people do not.

TV as we know it is slowly dying.


What this means for PS4 and One is : Connecting a cable box to your console is antiquated, not futuristic.

Grown Folks Talk1985d ago

I just want a dedicated Cox app like the Time Warner one so I can watch cable in the bedroom. My apartment only has the 1 outlet in the living room. Plus my wife could watch in there when i'm dominating the living room TVs for college football.

cee7731985d ago

Gamers dont watch tv, they watch xbmc lol see the irony?

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Ashlen1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

My biggest concern is internet throttling. ISP's like TWC are notorious for throttling there competition. They have throttled Youtube Twitch Netflix and other sites that compete with there cable business.