The Wii U failure so far is the best thing to happen to Nintendo

Digitally Downloaded writes: "By not hitting the numbers, Nintendo will take a closer look at the way it does business next generation. I realise it is much too early to get excited about what is to come, but this shot of reality after the Wii highs will dominate its next gen strategy.

And with the way that Sony has approached its PlayStation 4 after the lows of the PS3, the potential for a Nintendo rebound is exciting stuff indeed."

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The_Truth_24_71958d ago

Yes I love how they are failing. They won't change though and I hope this trend continues.

ChickeyCantor1958d ago

And this would affect you how?

Sounds like you don't care for Nintendo, but you seem to have an obsession with them failing.

Might I suggest going outside now and then?

MattS1958d ago

Yeah see, actually hoping that thousands of people go out of work is pretty sociopathic, even for an Internet personality.

There's a substantial difference between hoping that a company uses a mistake to its advantage, and hoping a company self destructs completely.

I just want it on the record that I (the author) completely disagrees with the above comment.

Phil321955d ago

It's criminal how this article hasn't gotten more attention. I understand how N4G works, and if it's not console wars nonsense it won't get a lot of attention, but jesus. This SITE. Ugh.

And that FIRST comment. Ugh X2.

I'm so sorry, Matt.

Anyway, I loved this article. I like most of your articles, but this one, as someone who loves his Wii U (well, not literally), this had me nodding with agreement with each passing paragraph. Awesome work!

_QQ_1958d ago

Change your name to Sitting_On_My_PC_24_7,go outside get some fresh air.

Sincere01211958d ago

TROLL you should change your name to The_False_24_7
as nothing truthful about anything you say.

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1958d ago
gamingzen1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

@ the truth 24/7 your such a dick without nintendo we would have no playstation or xbox, show some respect idiot .

ShaunCameron1958d ago

Um The 3DS just came to say "HI!"