Microsoft Planning Gamescom Press Conference

Dev partners told of grand media briefing in August
Microsoft has notified event organisers and third party studios that it plans to host a press conference at Gamescom in August, CVG has learned.

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green1933d ago

If they show new games at Gamescon in addition to the ones already shown, i will be highly impressed. Also would like to see some new Killer Instinct characters.

from the beach1933d ago

Seems likely, Spencer was blustering on Twitter about Gamescom being a good event for Xbox One, and more recently about more exclusives to announce.

Lots of speculation about Lionhead and separately a new Crackdown :)

jimbobwahey1933d ago

Hopefully they'll announce a price drop, preferably by ditching Kinect and letting people buy the Xbox One (and use it) without requiring that stupid camera.

malokevi1933d ago

Ohh man, some more games coming out in the first year/year-and-a-half would be amazing news. I'm already psyched for whats coming.... more good games and I just might PLOTZ.

n4rc1933d ago

They aren't dropping kinect.. End of story

Get over it.. Its part of Xbox one.. Not a add on

Retroman1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

ya kno MS should have done this in march, more showing games at E3... all this is is MS gasping for last ditch effort to re-gain gamers confident.

Im not buying it neither should gamers.

MS need a HARDCORE lesson= no support with wallets.

CRAIG6671933d ago

If MS wrote you a cheque for $1000 you would still bum Sony.

Sitdown1933d ago

Great for you, now can you promise not to post in anymore Xbox one related articles since you are not buying it.

Nocando1933d ago

Go away, you aren't going to change anyone's mind. THIS is why so many people view Sony fanboys as the worst, I have never seen a MS fan go around like a goddamn missionary telling everyone what they should purchase.

Retroman1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@ craig, no i would not accept 1,000 from MS
@ sitdown eh, u following me around son??

extermin8or1933d ago

@Nocando I don't know what sites you read but please share because there are plenty, it's almost a prerequisite to be a fanboy that you do this. Whatever side they root for, well the annoying ones-you can have a fanboy that isn't annoying and just sticks to stuff that's relevant to them I guess.

lawgone1933d ago

GT67...just curious but are you an American? Do you always bash American companies in favor of Japanese ones on Independence Day?

pixelsword1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Ha, good point, Iawgone, but both consoles made in China, robbing both Japanese and Americans of jobs, so what' the difference in that regard?

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Manic20141933d ago

I think they may show some impressive games and may also announce additional changes hopefully to the console (NO MANDATORY KINECT!). Hoping For the Best

green1933d ago

No mandatory Kinect is okay but selling a Kinect-less sku will be a huge mistake in my opinion.

malokevi1933d ago

Kinect is an integral part of MS' gameplan... people need to stop expecting that to change.

ZodTheRipper1933d ago

^This is hoping, not expecting. I don't know anyone who's really looking forward to using Kinect. People only want the Xbone now because of a few (timed?) exclusives.

Manic20141933d ago

The console is really good the feature's look brilliant the only thing's turning customer's away is the Price, Kinect and The DRM 180 that happend recently. The exclusive's are going to stay exclusive except for titanfall as due two the New IP's being owned by MS and the existing IP's are being re-bought by MS. Yes you can maybe expect Titan fall to be coming to PS4 within the next 3 years.

rainslacker1933d ago

I think at the very least they should show some games using Kinect. If it's not going to be used any better next gen than it was this gen, then what's the point? So you can spend an extra $100 for something you'll rarely use except for forced functionality?

It was rather disappointing at E3 after they made a huge deal about Kinect at the reveal, to have so much focus on Smartglass and 2nd screen gaming. I was sitting there during half the game demos saying to myself, "Maybe Nintendo really did think ahead some", as they at least included a 2nd screen standard. And I will extend my first argument of spending an extra $100 towards the Wii U console for something that seems like forced/underutilized technology.

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greenlantern28141933d ago

Most likely at gamescon for ms
1 announce release date.
2 Xbox1 games running on Xbox1, and game play shown for games that have only had cg trailers like sunset overdrive
3 talk about the drm reversal to try to make it clear they are no longer doing that.
4 I believe they have 3 as of yet announced games from statements made pre e3 most likely you will see these.
5 no price drop or Kinect removal but maybe subscription plan like Xbox 360 had.
And they will talk about cloud and how much better it is for you to choose to be connected to the internet.

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Prcko1933d ago

i think microsoft said they still have some exclusives to show this year,maybe something at gamescom?

abzdine1933d ago

at the same time they still haven't showed anything Kinect related other than the may 21st TV disaster reveal.
i think some kinect games are to be expected at gamescom, Kinect sports 2 from RARE or something...

Sony also said they has exclusives that will be revealed at Gamescom, and those i'm more looking forward to cause we know nothing about what the european studios have been up to during the last 2-3 years.

CRAIG6671933d ago

I think it will be mainly kinect orientated games wise so I am not to fussed about seeing it.

They also need to clear up(which I think they will) their general messaging/policies regarding the future of the xbox brand...

DiRtY1933d ago

Kinect Sports: Rivals is already announced.

joefrost001933d ago

Actually they have they just did the smart thing and didnt make it highly noticeable
They announced at e3:
Kinect sports rivals
Zoo tycoon
Disney fantasia(also on 360)
All are heavy kinect
I dont think I will be getting any of them lol but looking at the new kinect and the improvements it at least deserves a chance

Besides all of you waiting on them to show kinect games as there exclusives at the conference keep waiting MS already said(before e3) that there 15 exclusives for the first year NONE were kinect only games and all were disc based(meaning no arcade download games)

MikeMyers1933d ago

So now that they showed new games and new ip's some people are still grasping at Kinect only games? Weird. I guess that shows right there some people were never interested in the first place which begs the question, why go out of your way and post in Xbox topics then other than to troll and be a fanboy?

Microsoft said E3 would be all about games, many thought differently and continued the theatrics on how they are no longer concerned about games. E3 was all about games. Now we have Gamescom and people are now doubting what will be shown there for the Xbox One and how it's going to be all Kinect. Interesting since this site is supposed to be for gamers, not trolls and fanboys.

deepio1933d ago

@MikeMyers - You're absolutely right. I can't believe people are still throwing that "it'll just be Kinect games" line after Microsoft showed none at all at E3. If anything they 'should' at least show some Kinect games. At least that way we'd know why the dam thing is worth the extra money.

deepio1933d ago

Btw, when I say no kinect games at E3, I mean during the press conference.

malokevi1933d ago

"They announced at e3:
Kinect sports rivals
Zoo tycoon
Disney fantasia(also on 360) "

Thats awesome. I didn't even notice.

...and not awesome BECAUSE I didn't notice, lol. It's awesome because I was hoping they would show a few Kinect games, and apparently they did!

It's nice because it draws in a younger audience.... and my girlfriend. I'm already committed to getting ZUMA.

oi, vey.

Convas1933d ago

You said the same thing about E3. You're just trolling and you know it.

Ginesis1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Sony better show more exclusives because their launch exclusives are nothing exciting right now.

Besides their announcements about DRM and the such. Sony's E3 press conference was pretty weak. IMO

abzdine1933d ago


hey, i dont know what you're talking about when you write things without thinking.
E3 was the best place for Sony to push their vision about online and DRM, and see the result of that for yourself! Also, indie support was a very important point that they wanted to show and they did that beautifully. No DRM announcements, PS4 design, price and indie support weighs more than any game!!!! it's one of the reasons EVERYONE says SONY destroyed and bitch slapped MS at E3.

Before you say i'm a troll (i'm a Sony fan and so what?), read my posts from beginning to end, i always give arguments to my opinions. If they are different from yours that's not what's gonna make me or you a troll.

now to continue, E3 has ended and all media and people praise Sony for showing how close they were to their fanbase and that even without showing ANY games because everyone (even blind people) know how good Sony's first party studios are to make games.

That being said, Gamescom and TGS will be ALL about games. Why? because they've already announced the price for Europe and what they want is to focus about games. if there are no new exclusive games being shown then say what you want. SCEE has a countless number of talent studios.

QuickdrawMcgraw1933d ago

I feel I was burned last gen when it came to MS exclusives(or lack of).So MS can announce 1 billion exclusives if they want.I won't buy Xbox1 till I see the finished games.

gamertk4211933d ago

The only reasons the Sony conference was so well received were the price point, used games and the drm. The games were underwhelming by far, and it was a snoozefest until the above reasons were mentioned.

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1933d ago
NYC_Gamer1933d ago

I wonder what Harrison will announce @GC

JoySticksFTW1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

His true allegiance...


j/k. Or am I...



vikingland11933d ago

They need to do something about all the bad press they've been getting. And they need to explain some things better.

Lucreto1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It is not a good start when it is a European convension and the XBox One will only be released in 11 of the 28 countrys.

Foxgod1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I think you meant country's, and not counties, Europe is not a country, so we dont have states that are split in counties.

But anyway, if you want to supply the country's with the most customers with plenty of units, its wise to start in those country's first, instead of spreading them around in country's where they dont sell much yet.

Theres no point in having Xb1's lying on the shelves, while having a shortage in other country's.

Lvl_up_gamer1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@ Foxgod

Not sure why you have so many disagrees....Anyone who disagreed with you are clearly idiots.

Of course you supple first where your product sells, then when you have enough product on the shelves penetrating your major market, then you send out to the slower weaker markets.

Even Sony said they may not have enough to supply Europe or Japan come launch simply because they want to penetrate the US market right away, which is the largest gaming market.


Foxgod1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

They dont like, that i like the XB1.
So they will just disagree with anything i write.

As soon as the majority knows your stance, you become a target for disagree's.

True_Samurai1933d ago

21 of the 28 countries not 11

Lucreto1933d ago


These are the European launch countries
United Kingdom

I was mistaked there are 14. There are 28 members in the EU which I based my figures. There are more in Europe than are in the EU and I left them out so my figure is a lot higher than 28.

There is 21 launch countries around the world.

extermin8or1933d ago

And those it is released in wont have the tv features its pushing like the second coming...

rainslacker1933d ago

I don't think it's a big deal to limit release to the higher selling countries. It's not even uncommon, although it does suck for people in those countries. The region locks don't help.

At a European conference though they will have to show how all those extra TV features they've been touting the past few months will work for my fellow gamers across the pond. Either that, or they may focus even heavier on games, which wouldn't be a bad thing IMO. The higher price tag overseas has to be justified, and if features available in the US are gimped simply because it's Europe, it's a little unfair to you guys. I'm sure MS will work it out though. They do business everywhere in the world, and they certainly have the means to make it work.

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Retroman1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

@ vikingland

Trust and believe they will

with more lies,temporary promises.

joefrost001933d ago

@viking I dont think its.nothing they can do look at what has happen:
MS showed nothing but games at e3 good right No
Sony had one of the most boring e3 conference from them in awhile showing games people already knew about
To let you know how MS fans were talking about there exclusives and new game reveals were sony fans were talking about a tech demo and a CG trailer( the order)
Then on top of everything they showed two third party games games one completely cutoff and the other skips
The only real applause came when they showed final fantasy XV(also on xbox) and when they took jabs at MS
Allof that and people say they won e3 lol
People criticizing MS using PCs for third party to run their games(something they do during development)
But with the price and the DRM and price its mostly their own fault
Even going back on the DRM they got bad press for that
Let's me know whatever MS do wont be good enough

vikingland11933d ago

So true, MS has only one more issue to contend with from what I've seen. Most people hate that you can't disconnect the Kinect. Even though MS has said it can be turned off people still want to be able to disconnect it. If it can be turned off it should be able to be disconnected also. It doesn't bother me but it does bother many other people.

n4rc1933d ago

Kinect has to be connected so people don't try and sell them..

Their next 7-8 years of development are going to be based around the fact that everyone has it..

Once people stop looking at it as a add on peripheral that you can take or leave and realize its part of the console.. Maybe then the stupidity will stop

extermin8or1933d ago

@n4rc well its not stupidty really, people are saying they like the console but hate the kinect requirement-if they do what you suggest they' just be saying they hate the console?

Back on topic Sony didn't show many games but in their defence they did already sow 4/5 games at their reveal so MS haven't shown that many exclusive games more than them, have to remember that they showed none at their reveal if you want to compare on that point. The 3rd party games they showed have FREE exclusive content after several YEARS of MS showing off COD due to PAID TIMED exclusive DLC it seems abit rich to complain about that. MS using PC's WITH DIFFERENT SPECS AND TOTALLY DIFFERENT MORE POWERFUL GPU is an issue and if you seriously try and say it isn't then you're a fool. DRM was the right thing to address I personally think Sony's confrence 5 mins with the Sony pictures guy rambling would've been better spent on a new PS4 exclusive, and that the walking dead 400 days bit should've been cut down for another vita exclusive to be tossed in there, along with the AC4 section totally cut. Anyway back on topic I'll be interested to see what they show-first time they've bothered showing up in years, I'm going to give sony credit for having done a gamescom show every year for the last however many years instead of just when they have new hardware to push-however they better show some new ps4 games otherwise the gaming media will crucify them in relation to that aspect anyway I suspect.